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css website template Since I'm an unknown writer, I want to offer other writings with information about the focus of my books. Therefore, Imy site includes blogs that would attract, through keywords, readers with interests similar to those mentioned in the books. KISS Keep It Simple, Sweetie! Website designers should focus on making the page readable. Otherwise the reader won't focus on the product. I'm probably not the only user who is instantly turned off when faced with a flashing, multi-colored, animated, garish website with haphazard blocks of print and images. It looks like someone dropped the paint can and splashed the walls. My home page welcomes my readers and has a photo. Then I list in "buttoned" graphs what is behind the tabs in the Navigation Bar. Thumbnails of my two products bookend a list of stores where they are available. At the bottom of the page is a small animated mailbox next to my email address. Contrast Enhances Clarity Youthful eyes may be able to read fine fonts on low-contrast backgrounds, but I and my target readership are of the elder class.

5 Our last step to the header - add our graphic and text.

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bottom This value is a number in px or percentage. Other units can be used. This is a vertical distance from the bottom edge of the containing element, to the bottom content edge of the element being placed. z-index This is the z-index position of the element (layer). The value is a whole number (integer). Negative values that will take the element behind, are allowed.

Image Rollover Buttons Step 1 - Open your Dreamweaver program, create a new file, and save it. (Save it as newrollover. html) Step 2 - Type some text on the document. In my example I typed Rollover Button. Step 3 - Right Click on the document and click CSS Styles > New. In the dialog box do the following Selector Type - Class Name - .

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I personally like Wordpress since I use it for my website wesavemoney4u. com partly because it is easy to use, and, there are many ways to enhance the look and functionality of a website with the hundreds of plug-ins and widgets that are available. Navigation Simple, easy to see and use menu bars are the key. Whether your "nav bar" is on the side or you decide to use menus tabs at the top of the page they should be easy to read and navigate. I prefer menu tabs at the top of the page because they will be the first thing a visitor will see. Clean Layout Do not be afraid to use white space to keep your site clean and spacious. A lot of websites cram so much text and graphics into their page the visitor can become somewhat overwhelmed. Of course, many of these sites are professionally designed and because of the sheer volume of product a company has to offer they cover the page with tons of graphics and long pages. Unless you deal with a volume of products like Amazon. com, keep it simple. Keep Flash scripts, animated GIFs to a minimum Sure they look great - sometimes - but they slow down the load time of your page.

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font italic css Double and triple check your spelling and grammar before publishing anything. A mistake could mean more than an embarrassment, it could lose you sales. As you get farther along in your website design, remember, we're here to help you if you get stuck anywhere along the way! Website Design and What it Takes to Be Successful These days' people are trying to learn as much as they can and find anyway that they can make money in their spare time. By in large most people in today's day and age realize that they have to do a lot of work to get ahead and live within their own means and they also understand that they can't afford to go to school to learn everything. Believe me, if anyone understands about money troubles and trying to find work it's a starving college student who is trying to get their degree and survive at the same time. You need to understand that things you can do in your spare time to make extra money is always good and the more trades and crafts you know the better. That's why when I decided I needed something extra that could have a high payoff in the end I decided to learn how to design websites. Now, I know what you're sitting there thinking and it's understandable, but trust me it's one of the best ways to make some extra money. You have to realize that knowing how to design and manage websites makes you highly wanted by everyone and you will always find someone who does not want to take the time to design a website for themselves. I'll tell you now that it's not easy and like anything else you have to be dedicated at it to be successful, but it's one of the jobs that is always needed. It's the whole entire Internet you are catering to now and you can find anyone and everyone who needs a website for just about anything.