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css interview questions This battle would prove to be the fatal death knell of the ship and her brave crew. Because Captain Brown had been wounded in the action of July 22, the ship's first officer, Lieutenant Henry K. Stevens, was in command as the ship moved toward Baton Rouge. Facing the Union ships Essex and the repaired Queen of the West, the C. S. S. S. Alabama", History of War "The C. S. S. Alabama", The CSS Alabama Association "CSS Alabama", Naval Heritage and History Command - Underwater Archeology Branch History of the CSS Albemarle In April 1864, the Confederate Navy unleashed one of its most powerful ironclad warships on the forces of the US Navy that were blockading Albemarle Sound, North Carolina.

n-resize This value indicates that the north edge of the rectangle is to be moved. ne-resize This value indicates that the north-east corner of the rectangle is to be moved. nw-resize This value indicates that the north-west corner of the rectangle is to be moved. se-resize This value indicates that the south-east corner of the rectangle is to be moved. sw-resize This value indicates that the south-west corner of the rectangle is to be moved. Try the following code.

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Let me start from the first consideration you should make about overall design. Your goals are to create a balance between the attractiveness of your site, how user friendly it will be and how quickly your website loads. Choosing Your Website Platform There are a number of possibilities to choose a platform for your website, to numerous too list in this article. However, I will say that many free website building tools can be found on the internet by checking with the major search engines. You will find many on line sites as well as free standing programs (including open source) that you can use. Another possibility would be to use a program like Adobe Dreamweaver to construct your site (the caveat here is that there is a definite learning curve using Dreamweaver).

4. For solid color background use code to create the background. No Doubt, Everyone is using high bandwidth connections but web design optimization is necessary to produce optimized web pages. Publishing optimized web pages will enhance the browsing experience with visitors that have fast internet connections as well as those with slower connections. Basic and Effective Website Design for Beginners There are quite a few ways you can design a simple and basic website that can leave a positive impact on your visitors. These tips are meant to be for people who are new to web design and really haven't done much web page creation. Years ago, it was a lot more difficult to understand the simple workings and creations of web pages, but with a vast amount of unlimited resources, web design has become quite simple. There are just a few basic rules you should keep in mind when creating your site. It has never been proven that a graphic intense complex website provides better results than the average simple website. In fact, through my experiences I have found that the most basic of website are the sites that produce the best results. This of course can depend on what type of website you are creating, and what type of visitor your website attracts.

css template layouts

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Once you are finished with the steps above, click OK. Step 5 - Highlight over your text you typed on the document, type a link in the link field in your properties window. Step 6 - With the text still highlighted, click the drop down box beside Styles in your properties window and choose Rollover Button. Now you should see your button. Note If your text is not in the middle of the button, you will need to play around with the padding in the CSS panel. In my example I used Padding Left - 12 pixels and Padding Top - 4 pixels to get my text in the middle of the button. Now we need to do the rollover part of the button. Step 7 - Right click anywhere on your dreamweaver document and click CSS Styles > New. In the dialog box do the following Selector Type - Advance Selector - a. rolloverbutton hover Define in - This Document Only (See Image 6) Then Click OK. Step 8 - A new dialog box will appear with all the categories in the left panel.

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ipad cssboldsentence font-weight bold; Then you add your class to the desired part on the HMTL < p > This is some blue text sentence < span class="boldsentence" > sentence < /span > some blue text some blue text some blue text. < /p > Now, one of the merits of CSS is inheritance, given the last example; you specified a class to bold a sentence on a paragraph which has a style applied already to color it blue. Because of inheritance your sentence will be bolded plus it it's still colored blue. Nesting a class within a styled element will apply both styles to the nested class plus the main style applied to the containing element, and this is one of major advantages of CSS as a scripting language. IDs IDs have some similarity to classes on the way it's using, but ID only used in a single element and applied once. ID is declared on the CSS as follow blockcontainer width 80%; margin auto; padding 20px; background ffffff; Then used in the html as follow < div id="blockcontainer" > .