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css indent In general, 48 hours to get 3 templates is an average time. If, they need more than 2 days to get the templates to you then it gives you room to negotiate for a lower price. The general idea is to put a time limit in the contract to protect you from gross incompetence from the website design company. 3. How much Control Do you get over the design - This one is a critical part of choosing a good website design company in Costa Rica because some companies will offer their design services at a low price but only give you already made templates with no room for editing the template if you are not happy with what they have submitted to you. Ideally, you would want to find a company that will make changes to the templates they have submitted to you until you are happy with it. However, that is not going to happen unless you are paying a few thousand dollars for the website design. In most cases for a website template design ranging from $250 to $500, you will receive 2-3 initial templates and 2-4 edits on the templates made. 4. Does the website design cost include installation of the website? - What you are looking for is a company that will not only design your website but also install it otherwise; you are looking at having to spend extra money for nothing. Payments and Contracts One of the main issues in Costa Rica is payment as many website designers are wary of customers who never pay them and vice versa.

*Looks Professional - If you did not know it, the design you choose for your website determines its professional looks. The e-business sites need to have lovely and functional designs so that they can attract customers. *Content optimization - A SEO design for a website or blog should allow for easier content optimization. It is important to use the correct keywords to create a website's relevant content. Relevant and fresh content, which is not keyword stuffed is good for search engines and readers. Small Business Website Design Tips At present, internet can be considered as the busiest place where billions of websites are competing for their online presence in order to represent their business across the world.

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Each part of the attribute is made up of two parts. So, in this example there are two main parts in the value of the attribute and two parts in each of the main parts. In a main part, the first part (half) is the name of the presentational feature, while the second part (half) is the actual presentational feature. In the above case, one presentational feature (characteristic) is background-color and its actual presentational feature (characteristic) is blue. The second presentational feature is color (foreground color) and its actual presentational feature is red. Now the characteristic (name of presentational feature) is called a Property of the style, and the actual characteristic is called the Value of the property.

The logo represents your brand and acts as a symbol for what people are going to remember you further. Generally, it is located in the top of your website, so it is the first thing what visitors look on your website. A logo can describe the entire story of the business, so in this respect, it becomes one of the most important part of your business website. 2. Text written on web pages - The text written on each of the web page should be relevant and informative as well. Try to avoid making the web page overpopulated due to excess text on each page.

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John Laird Sons and Company were actually building the CSS Alabama. This ship under the capable command of Captain Rafael Semmes would inflict serious damage on the merchant fleet of the United States during the American Civil War. In August of 1862 the ship was delivered to the Confederate Navy and the command of Captain Semmes in the Azores, after she slipped through the efforts of US Secret Service agents to stop her sailing from Liverpool, England. There in the Azores, the Confederate Navy had arranged for the ship to receive her armaments. She was armed with one 110 pound cannon and one 68 pound cannon that were mounted in fore and aft swivel mounts on the deck. In addition to this the CSS Alabama mounted an armament of six 32 pound cannon along her port and starboard sides. Also while in the Azores, the crew of the ship that the Confederate Navy had recruited was stationed aboard the ship. In all the ship had a total of 145 officers and crewmen. Following the outfitting of the ship in the Azores, Captain Semmes, his officers, and crew steered the ship for the rich fishing grounds of the Newfoundland Banks. In this stretch of their career as a Confederate commerce raider, the officers and men of the CSS Alabama racked up the astonishing achievement of sinking or capturing 20 US ships that were involved in fishing and the European trade. In a successful effort to throw confusion among the ranks of the ship's pursuers, the CSS Alabama changed her area of operations and left the Newfoundland Banks around October of 1862 and headed for the sea lanes of the West Indies.

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