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css tables examples You can preview the templates by clicking the view link below the template you want to view. Then to download it, click the download link below the template. Free CSS Templates - This site doesn't have as many templates as the above two site, but they do have some nice ones. To view the template, click the thumbnail. On the next page you will see a larger view of the template and then a download button. The two Free CSS Templates sites above are not the same thing.

Any of these three things effectively increases the elements width and height. You can use CSS properties to give the element (content area) a particular width and height. There is more to the dimensions of content area, padding, border and margin. We shall look at that later. Block-Level and Inline-Level HTML Elements A block-level HTML element is an element that has an intrinsic line break element in front and after it. Examples of such elements are the DIV and Paragraph elements.

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A white background is your safest bet in terms of being easy on the eye and conveying a sense of trust and authority.

In this way, when the resolution is small, the page content fills the width of the screen. When the resolution is large (high), the page content is at the center of the screen width. Advantage of using the Percentage If you give you dimensions (widths) of your elements in percentage, the elements will have the same widths in different resolutions. In containing elements, the inline elements and text will wrap into the lines below. In this way your web page will appear the same way in different resolutions. A problem, when you work with the percentage, occurs with image maps. If you do not know what "image map" is, read the article I wrote in this blog, titled, "HTML Image Map". In theory, an Area element of the image map can take the percentage unit for its position and size. In practice, browsers today do not accept the percentage for the Area elements. When working in percentage, you can solve this problem by keeping your image small and floating it to control its position. As the resolution changes because different users are seeing the same web page, the text and inline elements around the floated image will adjust themselves.

css text bold

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The content needs to be well laid out and interesting reading. Don't clutter up the insides with garish advertisements that clash with the dcor of the site. There is nothing wrong with a bold color scheme, just make it tasteful. Then there is the rather important consideration of what is under the hood. A lot of people do not really care but the reality is that whatever is there needs to perform in a reliable, and when needed, powerful way to provide energy and drive to get through any situation that is required of it. So the only two components left to consider when considering website design layout is making sure there is enough fuel in the tank and can the website get enough traction. Fuel can be bought by means of an advertising campaign but there is also plenty of scope to get fuel from renewable energy by designing the website to be on the front page of the search engines where all the people are. Traction of the website needs to be maintained for as with tyres they do wear and need to have the pressures maintained for optimum performance and rotated as needed. This is maintenance that can be easily learned but it does need to be done. If you are looking to buy or lease a website ensure that you have a reasonable plan as to what you are trying to achieve and use this concept of website design basics to help pick your online transport. It may be that you require a truck or even a jumbo jet? Website Design Basics Making it Readable and Focused Millions of Internet users spend hours reading websites, searching for information or products in the shortest amount of time and effort.

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css list Focus your home page on what you most want your visitor to do--or what they most want to do. In Google's case, this is searching. The search box is right in the middle of the page and is the longest element on there. As Joe at www. bookofjoe. com says in his blog, it makes things "as transparent and easy to understand and use as possible. So simple even a 'technodolt' can do it the first time without reading any instructions. There can be no higher accolade for any company engaged in creating something that has to do with computers. " 2. Your website's design should reflect the personality of your company. Google's image includes having fun and keeping things simple.