css training course

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css video tutorial com and find a specific piece of information. She watched as many of the testers went to the website and then just sat there, looking at it. Marissa finally asked them what they were waiting for, and they said, "For the rest of the page to load. " One tester was so unimpressed by the website design that she asked Marissa if Google was a made-up company, and if this was actually a test from the psychology department! (Vise, 77-78) Google is not loved by everyone, but they have many loyal fans. They have created a company with a positive image that provides valuable information services to the world. Google started out as an effective company because they found a way to organize search results by relevancy at a time when that was not available from anyone else. They continue to be effective because they have a vision ("To organize the world's information"), they are innovative, and their values endear them to people. Their website design is an extension of who they are, and that is why it is effective. References Gerber, Michael E. "E-Myth Mastery. " HarperCollins, New York.

com offers users the ability to skip from chapter to chapter.

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Following this success, the officers of the CSS Alabama again decided to change her operational area. In early 1864 the decision was made that the ship would head for Cherbourg, France, to make needed repairs and to again raid the European commerce of the United States. This would directly lead the CSS Alabama to her second action with another warship. As the Confederate raider cruised towards Cherbourg, however she would still be successful in sinking or capturing more US ships. Arriving in Cherbourg, France, in June of 1864, the officers of the CSS Alabama sought permission from the French authorities to make the much needed repairs to their ship. The US Navy though was a step ahead of the Confederate Navy this time and had one of their toughest ships stationed near Cherbourg to stop the CSS Alabama.

3. Your website should be easy and efficient to use. Two other benefits of Google's site design are that it's very easy to get to what you want to see (pretty much everything that isn't on the home page is on the "even more" page) and it is quick to load. Larry and Sergey wanted speed to be a priority in all aspects of a Google visitor's experience. Also, remember that you can't please everyone. In January of 2000, Google employee Marissa Mayer was asked to conduct some usability tests to make improvements to Google's website design.

css training course

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Take apart the web page you downloaded and put it back together. Study how the author did what he did, and then try to design your own. Be creative, and if you feel like adding many different things, go for it. If you only use HTML for Myspace or emails, then you'll never need a firm grasp of CSS. But if you develop or want to develop your own websites, CSS isn't just a necessity, but both a sign of knowledge and skill, and a ticket to do much more than any of your HTML-using counterparts. WordPress - Creating and Using Your Own CSS Style in a Theme WordPress uses themes and templates for the layout. Themes that are already made with CSS Styles built in. But often you may need some more styles to help things stand out. Like a title for instance. You may want to apply a different style to a certain title or header but you don't have the style that you want. This is often very useful when creating Static pages in WordPress.

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visual css editor We continue in the next part. Chrys CSS Text Introduction This is part 7 of my series, Basics of CSS2. In this part of the series, I give you some word processing features that CSS offers. However, it is the web designer to implement the word processing features and not the web page user. We shall talk about Text Indentation, Text Alignment, Text Decoration, Text Letters and Word Spacing, and Text Transformation. Note If you cannot see the code or if you think anything is missing (broken link, image absent), just contact me at forchatrans@yahoo. com. That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading. Width and Height of an Element I wrote an article titled CSS Box in this blog. That is part 4 of this series. In that part I explain how all CSS visible elements are formed.