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sprites css -Eye catching pictures Pictures have a high possibility of making greater attention on the minds of the clients. Constantly try to use more visual pictures that look more attractive and have the skill to capture the awareness of your viewers with your significance using your website. Thus, it makes good intellect to integrate a fine balance of content and images in your website design. -Keep it as easy as possible your main plan must to give all the necessary information to the visitors through your website which offers simple navigation. Remain the layout of the website as easy as possible without building excessive interruptions in the form of ads that pop up every time the visitor is browsing on your website. Try to give them a more client friendly experience by designing a easy user interface. -Superior communication standard It is very important to correspond efficiently with your client; this can be made probable only with a fine web site design. Always try to use words that are more visitor-friendly and keep away from using technical terms as far as probable. Make certain that you are capable to put across your ideas and proposals along with the communication in such a way that it gets across to the client. Thus, your website design must be competent to build more familiarity about your corporation and its products. 7 Tips on Making a Global Website Design (Part I) It is 2011 and the world is growing.

Not all browsers support this feature. "http //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict. dtd"> option cursor pointer The First Item The Second Item The Third Item move This value indicates that an HTML element is to be moved. Here the cursor is usually rendered as a double arrowhead cross.

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there I go, tooting my horn again!) that they are useful, even if simply utilized as a time-saving technique.

The first is called, The List-O-Matic The List-O-Matic automatically generates CSS code for any type of list or navigation element you're trying to create. Just fill in the blanks within the list-o-matic CSS generators form, and the application will give you the HTML and CSS code for a list in the style that you propose. It offers CSS rollovers, CSS horizontal navigation, CSS vertical navigation and some highly creative color and graphic formats. Of course, you can alter the code to your liking once you've plugged it into your site. But, isn't it nice to have the semantically correct CSS code automatically generated for you so you can begin to focus on the colors and graphical aspects? The second automatic CSS creator is Firdamatic This website offers a complete CSS layout generator, focused on blogs and weblogs. It will take your current site, and construct it, using sematically correct CSS code, into a 2 column CSS layout or a 3 column CSS layout. The options are minimal, but the feature itself is amazing.

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Both are available on the same page at http //net. tutsplus. com/articles/news/slice-and-dice-that-psd/. What really sets this set of tutorials apart from the rest is its visual nature - most of the same tips, tricks, and strategies are used as they are throughout different methods in the previous tutorials but actually being able to see the work as it's happening is the kicker. It takes a difficult concept and makes this tutorial very, very EASY. And hey, the finished product (whether you plan on using it or are creating it simply for use in the tutorial series) is pretty cool and definitely something you'll be happy to show off. How to Create a New Border CSS Style in Dreamweaver If you are just starting to learn CSS Styles and you are using Dreamweaver, this guide will help you. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps of creating a CSS style for borders. These borders can go around anything such as images, photo galleries, content boxes, and so on. To get started, you will need to open Dreamweaver and open the index page of the site you are working on. You have the option of applying these borders to every page on your site or to just one page.

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css label Whether your "nav bar" is on the side or you decide to use menus tabs at the top of the page they should be easy to read and navigate. I prefer menu tabs at the top of the page because they will be the first thing a visitor will see. Clean Layout Do not be afraid to use white space to keep your site clean and spacious. A lot of websites cram so much text and graphics into their page the visitor can become somewhat overwhelmed. Of course, many of these sites are professionally designed and because of the sheer volume of product a company has to offer they cover the page with tons of graphics and long pages. Unless you deal with a volume of products like Amazon. com, keep it simple. Keep Flash scripts, animated GIFs to a minimum Sure they look great - sometimes - but they slow down the load time of your page. Concentrate on quality content instead. Once you get past the flashy graphics your visitor will want more than pretty pictures to keep them at your site anyway. Scrolling text and auto loading sound are usually a distraction as well.