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css disabled They have the ability to explore their own creative ideas and concepts as well as improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Having the ability to learn more about the technology that is here to stay is always the way to go in today's economy and website design can help make that a reality. You may find through website design that you like it or that it gave you a great opportunity to learn more about how advertising and color schemes work. Remember to never lie to your consumer and give the effort equivalent to the amount of money being paid. If you feel that you have overcharged them, then do a few nice things and give them free of charge. Website designing is tedious and can be very frustrating at times, but it can also be very creative and beautiful.

2 Set your foreground color to black.

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To see an example button and the full css code to this, check out this tutorial on creating 3d buttons in css. This simple technique saves you the trouble of creating tons of images for each button you want to have on your website. Well there you have it. Three CSS tips and tricks to help jazz up your site. Remember - there's always more cool things you can do with CSS, you just need to keep looking for tips and tricks. Tips for Proper Website Design If you want to design your own website, you are not alone.

You can create forums, blogs, ecommerce sites-shopping carts, and a lot more. You'll also have to unlearn some previous javascript, because javascript is not indexed through search engines, PHP/SQL allow you to take information, like feeds, and display it on your page as indexable content. *PHP/SQL are the most widely used programs to achieve their intended results, but there are some interchangeable ones that work if it suits you-ASP being one of them. 7. Drupal /other CMS Programs- Useful tool for creating web communities, forums, blogs, ecommerce sites. Goes hand in hand with PHP & SQL, though you don't necessarily need to use CMS programs if you are a PHP/SQL master. There are a lot of different CMS programs out there; they are basic frameworks given out as open source software so individuals with little knowledge about programming and web developing can have the opportunity to implement databases and dynamic aspects into their web page. Personally, I have tried about ten different CMS programs, and I'm still deciding which one is best for me. For a list of the CMS options out there, with reviews, user opinions and descriptions, visit Open Source CMS This is a short list, it could be longer. But, I hope it can be helpful to anyone attempting to conquer the extremely vast world of web design and programming. Please comment if you know of more useful programs you might put higher up on the hierarchy, or have opinions about some CMS software options.

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(Save it as newrollover. html) Step 2 - Type some text on the document. In my example I typed Rollover Button. Step 3 - Right Click on the document and click CSS Styles > New. In the dialog box do the following Selector Type - Class Name - . rolloverbutton (don't forget the period in front of the "r") Define in - This Document Only (See Image 1) Then click OK Step 4 - A new dialog box will appear. This is where you will make your buttons. I will list each category and what to put in each category. In parentheses I will put what I chose in my example. Category - Type Font - Choose the font for your button. (Verdana) Size - Choose the size of your font.

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css div So the foreground color for the Paragraph element is the color of the text in the paragraph. The background color for any element is the color of all the area of the element behind the text. So, if the foreground color of the paragraph element is red and the background color is blue, then the text in the paragraph will appear red and all the area behind the text will appear blue. Value of the Style Attribute Each HTML element has a default presentation (default size, default color, etc). The value of the style attribute is for you to change one or more of these default presentational features (characteristics). Let us look at an example. Consider the following code text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text, text It is a paragraph element. It has a style attribute. The value of the style attribute is "background-color blue;color red". There are two parts to the value of the attribute. The first part is, background-color blue and the second part is, color red.