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css print stylesheet Beauregard. General Beauregard upon hearing of the ship asked the Confederate Navy to have it shipped to Charleston in an effort to help break the blockade of that port. On the night of February 17, 1864, the CSS H. L. Hunley was readied for its mission that would forever place its name in the history books. The submarine moved up on the USS Housatonic and placed its spar torpedo into the side of the US Navy ship before the crew realized the submarine was attacking it. When the USS Housatonic's crew finally realized they were under attack they engaged the ship's engines to get away from the CSS H. L. Hunley but it was too late. The charge from the Confederate submarine was detonated and sank the USS Housatonic. In the ensuing wake that was caused by the sinking of the USS Housatonic, the submarine was pulled under the water and sank as well.

A couple things you might want to try out are setting the width of the tooltip (on the "span" declaration), changing the background color, and customizing the margins of the text in the tooltip. You can also change the position of the tooltip by adding "top ", "left ", "right ", "bottom ", or some combination thereof to the "a. info hover span" declaration. A few things to note, as well. You can add other stuff in the < span > element. For example, you can add < br / > tags to add line breaks.

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Assume that you have an HTML SELECT element and you have written script (JavaScript) code to make each HTML OPTION element behave like a hyperlink, then you can use this value for the OPTION elements.

If you are trying to get a website started for a business, now is the time! It is said that companies that lack a presence on the internet could become obsolete in the very near future. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but in reality, with a little assistance, it's not very tricky at all. Before you start, it is imperative that you have basic computer skills, a computer and internet you can have unlimited access to, a website construction tool and a location to publish your website. Then you can begin looking at more creative aspects of website design. The most important part about designing your website is to know your objectives. Are you creating the site to sell a product? It's important to make you page user friendly or your customers will be less inclined to purchase products from you. Maybe your webpage is just a hobby, a place for your own personal development. Whatever the case, your objectives should be the driving force of every part of your website design, from the welcome page to the logout menu. Who is your target audience? How will you draw them to your site? This is where creativity becomes a big player in the success of your website. People will look into something that looks new and fresh. Pick a theme, something that complements your objectives well, and stick with that theme through the entire website so customers don't get lost.

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Tips for Proper Website Design If you want to design your own website, you are not alone. More and more people are trying to create their own websites these days to save money and to help market their business or a service which they provide. However, there are some common mistakes made in website design that you need to avoid. Here are some things to know about successful website design ' Take it easy on the banner ads- people are bombarded every day with advertisements and they certainly don't need them waving around in their face when they visit websites. Most Internet users just ignore these banner ads anyway so they are a waste of valuable space. ' Avoid splash pages- while they may look pretty when well designed, they serve no real purpose and they can be a deterrent to your visitors. A splash page can actually encourage visitors to click away. Instead, you want them to see all the value that your website has to offer from the start. ' Avoid audio on the website, particularly looping audio- when someone is engrossed in your site, continuous looping of music or audio can be annoying. For others, it's just aggravating from the start. Many people will instantly click off a page when it has audio in the background.

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css hierarchy Unless you deal with a volume of products like Amazon. com, keep it simple. Keep Flash scripts, animated GIFs to a minimum Sure they look great - sometimes - but they slow down the load time of your page. Concentrate on quality content instead. Once you get past the flashy graphics your visitor will want more than pretty pictures to keep them at your site anyway. Scrolling text and auto loading sound are usually a distraction as well. Using GIF and JPEG Use JPEG for scanned pictures and photographs; use GIF for computer generated graphics like buttons or animation. GIF is also used when a transparent background is desired. Content Is King Your content is the single most important element for your website because if done well it will keep visitors at your website. It is also very important for search engine optimization and Google page rank. Remember to use keywords in your text but make sure that you don't stuff the text with an inordinate amount of keywords.