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free css editor You can use something like "Borders. " If you want this style to pertain to the whole site, drop the bottom box down and select "New Style Sheet. " If you want it to only pertain to the page you are on, you can leave it as it is. Click the OK button. If you chose to apply it to the whole site, you will need to save the file in your website's folder. If you didn't choose to apply it to the whole site, you will see the styles box open.

More and more people are trying to create their own websites these days to save money and to help market their business or a service which they provide.

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The next step is advanced formatting and sectioning, to the magic of tags manipulation. Stay tuned for my next lesson of CSS Essentials series. CSS Surrounding Element Properties Introduction This is part 5 of my series, Basics of CSS2. In this part of the series I talk about the padding, border and margin of an element. In the previous part I talked about the CSS Box, where these surrounding features where introduced. You should read that part before reading this one.

It should look like this menu font-size 10pt; font-family tahoma, sans-serif; 3. ) Apply the id to the menu. Go back to the HTML file from step 1. We are going to attach the stylesheet from step 2 so we can use the id we just made. To attach the style sheet put this line in the tag of your HTML page It's a good idea to link an external style sheet because that way if you ever need to change anything you just edit one css style sheet instead of opening every page or doing a find and replace. It can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

css web design

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That is why, the user can see through the H1 element above to see the background of the BODY element (black color). Spellings in the Style Attribute The spelling of the property or property value must be what is official. So you must have "background-color" and not "backgroundcolor" without the hyphen. You cannot have "background_color" either; that is you cannot replace the hyphen with an underscore. For the foreground color, you must spell color as "color" and not as the British "colour". That is it for now. Take a break and continue in the next part of the series, and continue fast (assuming you have understood this part). Chrys Good Website Design Nowadays, every organization either big or small owns a website. But, there are just few websites who have higher return on investment (ROI) or large amount of visitors visiting websites everyday. This is because they have a well-designed attractive website. The appearance of the website is the first thing that one observes while browsing through.

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search box css One hour after the battle began, the Confederate ship was reduced to a sinking hulk. In spite of ultimately being sunk, the CSS Alabama in her almost 2 year career had cut a swath of astonishing accomplishments across the pages of seafaring history and ensured that her own name and the names of her crew and commander would be forever etched in history. Even to the present day, navies around the world study and examine the strategies and operations that involved the CSS Alabama . In her entire career the Confederate cruiser accounted for over sixty US ships sunk or captured and a total of about $6 million dollars of damages, which in the money of today equals in excess of $81 million dollars. An additional astonishing legacy, is that prior to the engagement with the USS Kearsarge , not one life was lost aboard the CSS Alabama was lost to battle or disease. The crew and officers of the CSS Alabama not only caused serious economic damage to the US, but also they provided the Confederate States hope during some of its darkest days. Sources "Inflation Calculator", West Egg "Alabama", Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships "C. S. S. Alabama", History of War "The C. S.