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javascript css style Fans can enter the contest at www. theroysonline. com/ipod. "We're thrilled with the new site, and our fans seem to love the fact that we're constantly updating videos, photos and stories," says Elaine Roy, the sister side of this musical brother/sister team. "And we each have Nanos," she adds. "Couldn't live without them, you know it's all part of that techno thing," adds Lee. "I carry my FlipCam everywhere and Tweet all day long . I'm addicted to Facebook. " The contest runs through Sunday, June 5, and the winner will be announced on Monday, June 6.

Commander Collins for his actions was court-martialed, but was held up as a hero by the public of the north. The CSS Florida, in spite of meeting such an ignominious end, did have a stellar career as a Confederate cruiser. She was directly credited with 37 US ships either sunk or captured. In addition to this her crew took two ships that were commissioned as Confederate cruisers, the CSS Tacony and CSS Clarence. These two ships were credited with another 23 US ships sunk or captured. Through these daring and bold actions, the officers and crew of the CSS Florida ensured a place for themselves and their ship in the annals of naval warfare history.

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Make sure that your website is simple, smart and professionally looking. As much as possible avoid using different bright colors, different font sizes and styles on a single web page. When using graphics, make sure you use professional designed graphics that are optimized for the web as opposed to using clip arts. It is also a bad habit that may even lead to prosecution to steal graphics from other websites to put on your own. As much as you can, avoid the use of animations or splash pages. They often distract people from the main purpose or content of the website.

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Note You can still keep all elements fixed in their positions with no one scrolling. Fixed Positioning needs a CSS property called, "position". The value for this property is always, "fixed". Fixed Positioning needs another CSS property called, z-index. The value to this property is an integer. HTML elements can actually be placed in front of one another, covering one another as seen by the web page user. Everything being equal, the BODY element is considered to be at a z-index value of zero. The elements placed in the BODY element normally are considered to be at a z-index value of 1. You can give elements z-index values from 2 upward. The element with the greatest value is the one seen foremost by the user. The other elements may be covered by elements of higher z-indices.

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w3 css After seeing the actions of the Arkansas and not knowing that the Tennessee had not been finished, the Union Navy operated in fear for the next year and limited its scope of operations until the summer of 1863 when it assisted the Union Army in the siege of Vicksburg. All in all, the career of the C. S. S. Arkansas and her crew is one of the many examples of brave actions undertaken by the determined men of the Confederate States Navy. Sources "CSS Arkansas," Naval Historical Center http //www.