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custom css It is also important that you gain the rights to your own work. What I mean to say is that you claim it by putting your name and the name of your company on the end of each page in a small footer. This will provide for free advertising for you, as well as allow you to keep your rights as the websites original designer. Don't push your luck and always, always always be honest with them. Make sure they know the time that goes into designing it and make sure they know that it could take some time to complete based on what they are asking for you to do. Be patient and realize that you will have many setbacks in your creative process and that if website design was easy, then more people would be doing it. It is important to remember to save and back up any and every project that you ever do. The reason for this is that you don't want to have to continue to type the code over and over again, so the best way to avoid this is to save all your web pages and grab code from them when you need to. All in all a person can learn a lot from doing website design. They have the ability to explore their own creative ideas and concepts as well as improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Having the ability to learn more about the technology that is here to stay is always the way to go in today's economy and website design can help make that a reality.

Step 9 - In the top of your Dreamweaver window Click File > Save.

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Want a little bit of everything? Check out the CSSVault. It has help resources, a gallery, blog, and more. http //www. free-css. com/">Free CSS is also a great premade CSS resource. They have layouts, articles, templates, menus, just about anything you can dream of.

Use the correct file format as in some cases GIF format will be much smaller in size. Every 1KB that you reduce from the image file size will add up to a significant reduction in page size. 4. For solid color background use code to create the background. No Doubt, Everyone is using high bandwidth connections but web design optimization is necessary to produce optimized web pages. Publishing optimized web pages will enhance the browsing experience with visitors that have fast internet connections as well as those with slower connections. Basic and Effective Website Design for Beginners There are quite a few ways you can design a simple and basic website that can leave a positive impact on your visitors. These tips are meant to be for people who are new to web design and really haven't done much web page creation. Years ago, it was a lot more difficult to understand the simple workings and creations of web pages, but with a vast amount of unlimited resources, web design has become quite simple. There are just a few basic rules you should keep in mind when creating your site. It has never been proven that a graphic intense complex website provides better results than the average simple website.

css website design

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S. S. Arkansas in June of 1862 and rendered it seaworthy in spite of the vessel's faulty engines. Mounting 10 guns and having armor as thick as four inches in some places, the C. S. S. S. Alabama", The CSS Alabama Association "CSS Alabama", Naval Heritage and History Command - Underwater Archeology Branch History of the CSS Albemarle In April 1864, the Confederate Navy unleashed one of its most powerful ironclad warships on the forces of the US Navy that were blockading Albemarle Sound, North Carolina. The ship was named after the sound on which it would operate. The ship was the CSS Albemarle. The CSS Albemarle had been designed by the Chief Constructor of the Confederate Navy, John L.

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css border image There are many resources available online to assist you in creating semantically correct CSS code, CSS layout and CSS lists. I have found these three sites, that offer automatically generated CSS code for these structures within your website. As a web design professional, and an expert in CSS (oh, yea, I'm super neat) I still find these websites PRICELESS, and use them often when beginning any web design. The first is called, The List-O-Matic The List-O-Matic automatically generates CSS code for any type of list or navigation element you're trying to create. Just fill in the blanks within the list-o-matic CSS generators form, and the application will give you the HTML and CSS code for a list in the style that you propose. It offers CSS rollovers, CSS horizontal navigation, CSS vertical navigation and some highly creative color and graphic formats. Of course, you can alter the code to your liking once you've plugged it into your site. But, isn't it nice to have the semantically correct CSS code automatically generated for you so you can begin to focus on the colors and graphical aspects? The second automatic CSS creator is Firdamatic This website offers a complete CSS layout generator, focused on blogs and weblogs. It will take your current site, and construct it, using sematically correct CSS code, into a 2 column CSS layout or a 3 column CSS layout.