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css tooltip The first section reads appearance and modules. The appearance tab should be highlight in blue. The second section reads select theme, change layout, advanced edit, and CSS. The third section should be a list of current themes. If only two sections are visible in the panel, then the module section has probably been selected and is highlighted in blue. How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Preview Changes When the code has been pasted into the CSS window box, click on the preview button located at the far left area of the customize control panel. The preview button is located right above the appearance and module section. If the CSS was compatible with the 2. 0 layout, a preview of your new myspace page layout should be visible. How To Customize Your Myspace 2.

Hunley died. In spite of sinking twice, the ship was raised and refitted. This was due to the dire need of the Confederate States to break the strangling blockade that the US Navy had off of its coast. The third set of tests for the ship proved to be successful. This brought the ship to the notice of Charleston's commander, General P. G.

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Chrys Using CSS in Your PSD File Cascading Style sheets or commonly known as CSS help to define the appearance of a document that is written in web languages like HTML or XHTML (higher version of HTML). CSS is primarily used to add styles, color, and layout to an HTML document. Using CSS allows a user to alter the appearance of the HTML page that uses the CSS. It can also help order the document and structure content according to importance. Using CSS helps to eliminate the use of tables in an HTML document. Web designers and programmers uniquely design any web page and point out the possible outline on PSD or a Photoshop document. Photoshop is the software in which you can edit and design graphics. And most webpages is written in HTML for the browser to read. In order to get a PSD file to an HTML file requires you to export the file in that format. There are plenty of options that you can select in Photoshop that will allow you to determine the size of the file, what the format is, and how it is sliced to be displayed in a browser. HTML allows any image to be embedded and helps signify headings, links, lists and paragraph just to name a few.

css websites

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It is a creative way of looking at basic HTML & CSS, someone else has done the dirty work of figuring out how to utilize basic web page design and make it better, so learn this next. 5. Javascript -Program of choice for web designers who want to achieve interactivity (forms, feeds, etc. ) and also some dynamic aspects of web design. You don't necessarily need to learn javascript like the back of your hand, but you should understand it pretty well and be able to apply almost any function needed with a little research. 6.

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a css Captain Semmes came to this decision because he had already been forced to abandon one ship, the CSS Sumter , when the ship had been blockaded in the harbor at Gibraltar. Readying the ship for combat, the officers and men of the CSS Alabama left Cherbourg harbor on the morning of June 19, 1864, to meet the USS Kearsarge in battle. The decision to battle the USS Kearsarge would prove to be fatal for the CSS Alabama . One hour after the battle began, the Confederate ship was reduced to a sinking hulk. In spite of ultimately being sunk, the CSS Alabama in her almost 2 year career had cut a swath of astonishing accomplishments across the pages of seafaring history and ensured that her own name and the names of her crew and commander would be forever etched in history. Even to the present day, navies around the world study and examine the strategies and operations that involved the CSS Alabama . In her entire career the Confederate cruiser accounted for over sixty US ships sunk or captured and a total of about $6 million dollars of damages, which in the money of today equals in excess of $81 million dollars. An additional astonishing legacy, is that prior to the engagement with the USS Kearsarge , not one life was lost aboard the CSS Alabama was lost to battle or disease. The crew and officers of the CSS Alabama not only caused serious economic damage to the US, but also they provided the Confederate States hope during some of its darkest days. Sources "Inflation Calculator", West Egg "Alabama", Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships "C. S.