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marquee css Through learning HTML, you should understand tables and how to configure them, from this point CSS is the next language and design instrument you need to be proficient in. In a nutshell, you need to learn HTML and tables, then unlearn tables and use CSS. It sounds redundant, but I personally beleive it is necessary. 4. DHTML -applies some CSS and HTML elements so that they achieve more dynamic functions. It is a creative way of looking at basic HTML & CSS, someone else has done the dirty work of figuring out how to utilize basic web page design and make it better, so learn this next. 5. Javascript -Program of choice for web designers who want to achieve interactivity (forms, feeds, etc. ) and also some dynamic aspects of web design. You don't necessarily need to learn javascript like the back of your hand, but you should understand it pretty well and be able to apply almost any function needed with a little research. 6.

So what should I use? Pure-CSS navigational menus are the best, typically in the vertical format. That is a separate issue, but I will discuss it a bit here Vertical menus tend to be more effective seeing as they have the additional expandability that you do not get with fixed-width horizontal menus. Not to mention, there is no worrying about screen resolution or horizontal scrolling, as it is all done along the side of the screen and not across it. If you ever want to add a menu link to a vertical navbar done with pure-CSS, it is as easy as adding a list item to your HTML markup. How do I do it? First of all, what is it? The best and most common way to tell if a navbar is pure-CSS or HTML is to attempt to highlight any text included; if it is actual text done with HTML/CSS (highlightable), it is pure-CSS. If it is an image and drags when one attempts to highlight it, it is most likely an HTML rollover script.

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I use 14 point at my website to help accommodate people with less than perfect eyesight.

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4)Mode of interaction While doing online business, it is very crucial that you allow your customers to interact with you. So, to make an effective and successful ecommerce website you need to include various interactive features like forums, chat, questionnaires and blog etc. to your website. This will ultimately let your customers talk to you and thus create a trust and bond that is of high importance for any business. Therefore, if you want to develop an attractive and professional looking ecommerce website then make sure that your ecommerce design includes all the above mentioned features. You can also take the help of ecommerce web Design Company as they provide you with better ecommerce web design services for your website. For Cost Effective Website Design Rates Use a Web Design Company that Knows SEO Website Design Rates do vary considerably depending upon what you are trying to achieve and this is where a lot of people do not comprehend the power of a website and the potential that a well planned and implemented e-commerce web design has. Websites are purely a means of communication and we all know that there are many levels and methods to communicate on. There are also many wide variations of the degree of how much of the information you are trying to impart is successfully picked up and retained by the recipient let alone processed and understood. People tend to surf the net and their attention span is short so you have to capture their attention and get them interested in what they see quite quickly. This can be effectively done with an inexpensive web design if all you are looking to provide is basic information or products quickly or if you have a business that is well recognized locally and it is easy to find on the net.

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learn css In addition to the speed gain and other advantages of CSS, one of the most important aspects of CSS is it's ability to alter complete sites at once. When all your web pages are based on one CSS file, you can edit that file and change the appearance site wide. This is a huge advantage as you don't need to edit every file on your web site. Website Design - Essential Planning Tips Designing websites can often be a very organic process. Especially if you're designing for yourself, for fun and are very familiar with the process. But, if efficiency is something you're interested in when it comes to designing websites, it is important to plan and implement your web design projects in a somewhat similar fashion.