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css table properties Of course the suggestion here is not to get rid of all the images and replace everything with a text to make your site look utterly boring but you can use creative web fonts for creating text that is styled in your way. 2. Optimise your site for speed According to a leading London web Design Company, ensuring that site loads quickly regardless of who is opening is utterly important. Potential clients can come from anywhere and if your site can't load on time, they'll make use of it by skipping to your competitor's website. 3. Use colours to enhance the look Different cultures connect with colours differently. So if you are making your site global, study the effects of colours carefully. For example, you may like to use 'red' to symbolise the festivity that your product brings to family but people may associate it with 'danger'. Similarly 'green' can be seen as a sign of greed rather than 'environmental awareness'. 4. Keep space for growth in text As your business will evolve, so will your text.

I can't really rate the difficulty of this tutorial.

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The site created in this tutorial is really stunning, reminiscent of a WordPress site without the need of a WordPress installation, and even if you're using this tutorial just to learn how to convert PSD into HTML or CSS you'll find the tips and techniques used in this tutorial to be solid and will lessen the amount of time you spend in post-designing a quality product.

Sources "CSS Shenandoah", Civil War Wiki "When Liverpool was Dixie", CSA Dixie "CSS Shenandoah (1864-1865)", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS Sumter In the spring of 1861, as the battles began raging in the American Civil War, a dashing naval officer took command of a swift cruiser that would give him the necessary training for later exploits that would carve forever his and his country's name in the annals of naval warfare. The dashing naval officer was Commander Rafael Semmes. The ship that he trained on was the CSS Sumter. The CSS Sumter would be the first warship the world would see carrying the flag of the new Confederate States of America. Originally built in Philadelphia as the merchant ship Habana, the CSS Sumter was purchased by the Confederate Government in April of 1861, and outfitted as a warship. She was purchased in New Orleans and was fitted there by the Confederate Arsenal of New Orleans with one 8 inch 68 pound gun mounted on a swivel mount and with four 32 pound naval guns mounted two to either side. Then she was given a crew of 114 officers and men. Once the ship was ready in early June, she was moved down towards the mouth of the Mississippi River before slipping through the Union blockade at the end of the month. As the CSS Sumter slipped through the blockade she was chased by the USS Brooklyn. The CSS Sumter was able to successfully slip past the chase of the USS Brooklyn however and was able to head out to the open sea. She then cruised the Caribbean and the South Atlantic down to the port of Maranhao, Brazil.

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The web is full of premade CSS resources. If you didn't see what you were looking for here, just try a simple Google search and you are bound to find hundreds of pages on your topic. Why You Need to Know CSS For years HTML was the bread and butter of web developers. But that changed when CSS became the tool of choice. Though CSS and HTML is used together, HTML can stand on its own, and CSS cannot, which means even though CSS has overtaken and passed HTML as the favorite device of professional tools, HTML is not going anywhere. So what is CSS, and if it's so good, why does it need HTML to exist? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and enables web developers to use a single page to control the font, color, shape and design of an infinite number of pages. CSS is not the HTML pages you are controlling, but the single page where the CSS data is stored. By linking each HTML page to the single CSS page, you can feed the CSS data through to the HTML pages-like a general giving orders to five, ten, or a hundred different units on a battlefield at once. Created in 1996, but not coming into common use until 2000, CSS has taken a while to catch on, and wasn't there when HTML had its glory days, but now CSS is usable in every web browser and can enable a web developer to do things with web pages he could never do with HTML. CSS is not a completely different web design, but simply something added to HTML to make it much better than just plain old HTML. The difference between the two may be the difference between a car with a big engine, a car with a small engine, and a car with no engine.

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free css com As I finish this article I would like to say that if I didn't know CSS I'd go crazy coding all of my website pages one at a time for different styling. Go ahead and give it a try, you will not regret it and you will become more knowledgeable and maybe even more of an asset to any company by the end of the day. Getting Started with CSS2 Preamble Cascaded Style Sheet abbreviated CSS is the next language you learn after HTML or XHTML. While HTML (XHTML) deals with the functionality of the web page, CSS deals with the presentation of the web page. Functionality means whether or not the web page operates. Presentation means the esthetic (beauty) of the page, size of HTML elements and positions of HTML elements. To achieve this presentation, CSS has a very large set of properties and values in different categories. You apply a number of these properties and corresponding values to an HTML element to give the element a particular presentation. An HTML page has the BODY element that covers the whole page. The BODY element can have a number of properties and values to give the overall page a special presentation. This is the first part of a series of tutorials on Cascaded Style Sheet 2.