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free style sheets Arkansas was closer to completion than her sister ship, the decision was made to move the Arkansas and to burn her sister ship to prevent capture. The C. S. S. Arkansas was towed to a makeshift shipyard on the Yazoo River near Greenwood, Mississippi. At this site, the final touches would be placed on the ironclad to ensure that it was ready for service.

That's one hour out of your night, on average.

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Look at the BODY element of a typical web page critically; you would realize that it has margin areas. It might also have borders, if the web site designer gave it borders (however, this is hardly done for the BODY element). DIV elements, Paragraph elements, inline elements (e. g. SPAN) all have padding, border and margin areas. With many of the elements, in the default situation, the padding and/or border and/or margin may not be present.

. < /div > Notice that ID begins with a ( ) on the declaration while Classes start with a period (. ). Divisions vs. Spans You noticed that we used "div" and "span" tags on the previous examples, if your not familiar with these tags already you may take them as a way of formatting your HTML, these actually are not CSS related theses are normal (x)HTML tags. Divs are used to set up blocks within your HTML page, Divs can contains all type of tags within to declare sections of blocks on your code to apply style to. Whereas spans are inline elements that is mostly used to specify styles to small section of text or even links Ok now you learned all the very basics of CSS that can build your knowledge of getting deeper into the core and logic of CSS, by now you can actually use what you learn to apply basic styles to your webpage. The next step is advanced formatting and sectioning, to the magic of tags manipulation. Stay tuned for my next lesson of CSS Essentials series. CSS Surrounding Element Properties Introduction This is part 5 of my series, Basics of CSS2.

define css

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download css template The ship stored its armaments and was repainted to look like a standard merchant ship of the era. Leaving the North Pacific in August of 1865, the ship arrived in Liverpool in early November of 1865. The ship then surrendered to British authorities who took ownership of the ship. The ship in her short one year career managed to take 38 prizes and traveled over 58,000 miles. Also it gained the recognition of being the only Confederate ship to circumnavigate the globe. In 1866 it was sold to the Sultan of Zanzibar and was renamed the El Majidi. The ship finally met its end in 1879 and was reported as lost at sea with all hands. Sources "CSS Shenandoah", Civil War Wiki "When Liverpool was Dixie", CSA Dixie "CSS Shenandoah (1864-1865)", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS Sumter In the spring of 1861, as the battles began raging in the American Civil War, a dashing naval officer took command of a swift cruiser that would give him the necessary training for later exploits that would carve forever his and his country's name in the annals of naval warfare. The dashing naval officer was Commander Rafael Semmes. The ship that he trained on was the CSS Sumter. The CSS Sumter would be the first warship the world would see carrying the flag of the new Confederate States of America.