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css text editor Clean Layout Do not be afraid to use white space to keep your site clean and spacious. A lot of websites cram so much text and graphics into their page the visitor can become somewhat overwhelmed. Of course, many of these sites are professionally designed and because of the sheer volume of product a company has to offer they cover the page with tons of graphics and long pages. Unless you deal with a volume of products like Amazon. com, keep it simple. Keep Flash scripts, animated GIFs to a minimum Sure they look great - sometimes - but they slow down the load time of your page. Concentrate on quality content instead. Once you get past the flashy graphics your visitor will want more than pretty pictures to keep them at your site anyway. Scrolling text and auto loading sound are usually a distraction as well. Using GIF and JPEG Use JPEG for scanned pictures and photographs; use GIF for computer generated graphics like buttons or animation. GIF is also used when a transparent background is desired.

But if you develop or want to develop your own websites, CSS isn't just a necessity, but both a sign of knowledge and skill, and a ticket to do much more than any of your HTML-using counterparts. WordPress - Creating and Using Your Own CSS Style in a Theme WordPress uses themes and templates for the layout. Themes that are already made with CSS Styles built in. But often you may need some more styles to help things stand out. Like a title for instance. You may want to apply a different style to a certain title or header but you don't have the style that you want.

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S. S. Alabama", The CSS Alabama Association "CSS Alabama", Naval Heritage and History Command - Underwater Archeology Branch History of the CSS Albemarle In April 1864, the Confederate Navy unleashed one of its most powerful ironclad warships on the forces of the US Navy that were blockading Albemarle Sound, North Carolina. The ship was named after the sound on which it would operate. The ship was the CSS Albemarle. The CSS Albemarle had been designed by the Chief Constructor of the Confederate Navy, John L.

com http //www. sitepoint. com/forums/forumindex. php? Attractive Website Design with Quick Download Everyone wants an attractive website that leaves a good impression on the visitor. An extremely attractive website design involves lots of graphics and a perfect page size to download it quickly to the browser. Attractive and light websites which download quickly also increase traffic and decrease the bounce rate.

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Eventually, when the content is put on the page, the designers encounter the mismanaged width and height issues. Additionally, HTML makes it more difficult to make changes within the limited time span. CSS based website design is free from this obstacle. When a designer prepares a CSS web design, there remain least chances of irregularities in measurements, which consequently lessen the possibility of numerous alterations. For less erroneous website design, you need to follow a particular pattern while designing a website. Following are the starting points, which will further lead you to a CSS based web design (i. e. CSS web design) ' One should start from the content, and after that should move towards layout. This is the content which gives you idea about the exact requirements regarding format and layout of a website. Before stepping into layout task, one should have firm mindset about which content is to be put where, to get a less erroneous layout. After all this is content that makes the first impression of your website.

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jquery css display Advantage of using the Percentage If you give you dimensions (widths) of your elements in percentage, the elements will have the same widths in different resolutions. In containing elements, the inline elements and text will wrap into the lines below. In this way your web page will appear the same way in different resolutions. A problem, when you work with the percentage, occurs with image maps. If you do not know what "image map" is, read the article I wrote in this blog, titled, "HTML Image Map". In theory, an Area element of the image map can take the percentage unit for its position and size.