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css font type for a webpage, remember who your target audience is. For official company websites designed to sell products, you need to have your customer be viewing what you have to offer the fastest. Therefore, you don't want them to have to preload 40 images when the page loads, every single time. Loading images for HTML-designed rollover scripts will get the job done, however it does it in a manner which is unacceptable if you are targeting a vast array of people; vast arrays of people have a large variety of different internet connections. Not everyone has T1 and can view sites instantaneously, despite the number of images. So what should I use? Pure-CSS navigational menus are the best, typically in the vertical format. That is a separate issue, but I will discuss it a bit here Vertical menus tend to be more effective seeing as they have the additional expandability that you do not get with fixed-width horizontal menus. Not to mention, there is no worrying about screen resolution or horizontal scrolling, as it is all done along the side of the screen and not across it. If you ever want to add a menu link to a vertical navbar done with pure-CSS, it is as easy as adding a list item to your HTML markup. How do I do it? First of all, what is it? The best and most common way to tell if a navbar is pure-CSS or HTML is to attempt to highlight any text included; if it is actual text done with HTML/CSS (highlightable), it is pure-CSS. If it is an image and drags when one attempts to highlight it, it is most likely an HTML rollover script.

Make certain that you are capable to put across your ideas and proposals along with the communication in such a way that it gets across to the client. Thus, your website design must be competent to build more familiarity about your corporation and its products. 7 Tips on Making a Global Website Design (Part I) It is 2011 and the world is growing. Everyday new inventions are replacing the past and making lives enriched in different corners of the world. In a where today's technology might become outdated tomorrow; making a website design that appeals to viewers globally is certainly important. Here are few tips on how to do that 1.

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This isn't necessary.

gif") or div background-image url("myImage. gif") background-repeat repeat-x You may have a small image and you want it to repeat itself in the background horizontally from left to right. You have to add another property/value pair; like in div background-image url("myImage. gif"); background-repeat repeat-x The added property is, background-repeat and the value is, repeat-x. The first property/pair has to be there, to download the image. If the image were small, then you would have one long horizontal stripe background image of the repeated small image at the top of the HTML element.

font weight css

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Well there you have it. Three CSS tips and tricks to help jazz up your site. Remember - there's always more cool things you can do with CSS, you just need to keep looking for tips and tricks. Tips for Proper Website Design If you want to design your own website, you are not alone. More and more people are trying to create their own websites these days to save money and to help market their business or a service which they provide. However, there are some common mistakes made in website design that you need to avoid. Here are some things to know about successful website design ' Take it easy on the banner ads- people are bombarded every day with advertisements and they certainly don't need them waving around in their face when they visit websites. Most Internet users just ignore these banner ads anyway so they are a waste of valuable space. ' Avoid splash pages- while they may look pretty when well designed, they serve no real purpose and they can be a deterrent to your visitors. A splash page can actually encourage visitors to click away. Instead, you want them to see all the value that your website has to offer from the start.

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css showing If you succeeded in your elementary school mathematics, then that is enough for you to learn CSS (CSS2). However, if you are learning CSS then I believe your aim is to become a web site designer. After learning HTML (XHTML) and CSS the next thing you have to learn is a web page script language, such as JavaScript. To master JavaScript you need middle school mathematics (British O' Level mathematics). If you did not pass in your middle school mathematics, know that you can still do the course. You do not have to go back to school. There is a web site with URL, http //cool-mathematics. biz . It teaches middle school mathematics in a very convenient manner. You can complete the math course in as short as 3 months. While doing CSS2, you can start the math course.