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css web HTML Tutorial at DaveSite. com CSS Tutorial at DaveSite. com Loading CSS Stylesheets Dynamically (Browser Evalution) Cascading Stylesheets is an amazing tool in the arsenal of any web developer, designer or anyone who wants a simple way of stylizing and customizing their web site or a web page without tedious and inefficient table approach. Unfortunately the way that page renders depends on the way the browser interprets css styles. IE (internet explorer) and Firefox (Mozilla Firefox) for instance render information differently. Myself, being a web programmer/developer I ran into the difficulty of making my css look consistent across browsers mostly because of the different Tag rendering.

So, let's break that down a bit.

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This is maintenance that can be easily learned but it does need to be done.

Avoid Auto Play Video and Audio Creating a web page in today's world has unlimited options. One of the coolest things you can do is an embed video or sound to your page. Adding multimedia can really spruce up your website, if done correctly. I generally will advice newbies in web design to avoid auto play sound and video when creating their website. This tends to be another big turn off for the visitor. When a video or audio file automatically begins to play upon first visiting your site, it can really slow things down.

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Line 25 How to Code up a Web Design from PSD to HTML Very simply, this tutorial is what it says it is. However, I would rate this a MEDIUM or DIFFICULT tutorial for one reason alone you must already have a good grasp on HTML coding before you use this tutorial. Other than that, this tutorial will take you beyond the auto-code from slices feature packaged in Photoshop, which often results is 'dirty' code that is associated with tables instead of CSS. Coding by hand ensures better SEO, cleaner code, and quicker load times. This is often called 'hand-coding' because it relies on your knowledge and work rather than automated processes flipped out by software. If you have a working (doesn't have to be fantastic) knowledge of HTML coding and a website layout ready, this is definitely the tutorial for you.

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blueprint css Now would begin an extraordinary career over about the next year and a half that would see the cruiser cross the Atlantic twice while destroying ships of the US merchant fleet. The spring and summer of 1863 saw the CSS Florida destroy and US ship it came across in the West Indies and the mid Atlantic. During this time it would make Nassau, Bahamas its main base of operations. As a result of the large number of ships the Confederate raider was sinking or capturing the US Navy sent a large squadron to pursue the ship. Because of this the officers of the ship decided to move the base of operations to Europe in the late summer of 1863. Continuing to capture and sink ships on the cruise to Europe, the CSS Florida arrived in August of 1863 needing to make repairs.