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no repeat css So, in this example there are two main parts in the value of the attribute and two parts in each of the main parts. In a main part, the first part (half) is the name of the presentational feature, while the second part (half) is the actual presentational feature. In the above case, one presentational feature (characteristic) is background-color and its actual presentational feature (characteristic) is blue. The second presentational feature is color (foreground color) and its actual presentational feature is red. Now the characteristic (name of presentational feature) is called a Property of the style, and the actual characteristic is called the Value of the property. So, we talk about two values in an HTML tag an attribute value as a whole and the value of a property in the style attribute. From now henceforth we shall be using the word, property, when we mean the name of the presentational feature and the phrase "property value" (or its variation or simply, value) when we mean the actual presentational feature. A property and its value (property value) are called a property/value pair. Each property must be separated from its value by a colon. In the example above, background-color is a property and its value is blue; these two are separated by a colon. The value of the HTML style attribute is therefore made up of one or more property/value pairs.

The elements in the normal flow are considered to be at z-index position 1.

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After CSS2 became reality it's became the main technique used across the board for structuring and designing websites. CSS2 contains all CSS1 features plus it adds new set of features that really forced everyone to look more into using it in a new way. Quick advice, I recommend you make sure you master all HTML aspects first before you start digging into CSS. HTML vs. CSS As you may know HTML is a markup language used for building websites but technically it's used to structure website contents. CSS on the other hand is a scripting language used for formatting structure contents.

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html) Step 2 - Type some text on the document. In my example I typed Rollover Button. Step 3 - Right Click on the document and click CSS Styles > New. In the dialog box do the following Selector Type - Class Name - . rolloverbutton (don't forget the period in front of the "r") Define in - This Document Only (See Image 1) Then click OK Step 4 - A new dialog box will appear. This is where you will make your buttons. I will list each category and what to put in each category. In parentheses I will put what I chose in my example. Category - Type Font - Choose the font for your button. (Verdana) Size - Choose the size of your font. (14) Weight - Choose if you want the font bold, normal, etc.

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css border color The Request. Browser object has crapload of different properties with which you can make dynamic loading of javascript, css and other external documents as customized as you want to. For instance you could get the type of the browser or its version by saying browser. GetType() or browser. Version. Ok, Hope this short how to Tutorial helps someone. If you find any mistakes I made, please comment. Seven SEO Website Design Advantages Do you intend to offer Internet services soon? If yes, you recognize the importance of creating a professional looking website. You also need to understand the concept of Search engine optimization. It applies throughout the art of website creation, management and marketing. In other words, you have to set a good website foundation.