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css page You can also change the position of the tooltip by adding "top ", "left ", "right ", "bottom ", or some combination thereof to the "a. info hover span" declaration. A few things to note, as well. You can add other stuff in the < span > element. For example, you can add < br / > tags to add line breaks. You can add other < a > tags inside. However, the mouse needs to move directly from the hovered anchor into the span block, or else the user will never be able to click on the link - in other words, make sure the tooltip overlaps the link. Although the tooltip needs to be embedded in an anchor tag, that doesn't mean it needs to be inside a link. Notice how there is no "href=''" attribute in the anchor tag above. You may therefore want to add some special styling to this type of anchor (which I declared as a special class, "info") so that a user knows it is a mouseover but not a regular link. Finally, the "position relative" attribute needs to remain inside the "a.

It has never been proven that a graphic intense complex website provides better results than the average simple website. In fact, through my experiences I have found that the most basic of website are the sites that produce the best results. This of course can depend on what type of website you are creating, and what type of visitor your website attracts. I have gathered five simple pointers that can really improve your overall website designing experience. You don't have to follow these suggestions in the exact way I present them, but chances are you will find these tips quite beneficial once you get the hang of things and begin to create more and more websites. Create an About Page Many people who design a website forget to create an "about" page.

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0 Profile Select Appearance The appearance tab has probably already been selected by default. But if it has not, click on the appearance tab in the far left area of the control panel. If there is trouble seeing it, notice there is a rainbow prism circle graphic above the word appearance. Again, if it has been selected, the area should be highlighted in blue. How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Select CSS Once the appearance tab has been selected, take a look at the second section of the control panel.

In October of 1861, construction finally began on the keel of the ironclad that would be christened the C. S. S. Arkansas. Over that winter of 1861-1862, John Shirley and his crew worked tirelessly to build the C. S. S. Arkansas put up a brave and valiant fight in assisting the Confederate advance on Baton Rouge. The ship was winning the battle at first, but then it's engines were hit and steam entered all of the ship's compartments. This combined with a severe mechanical malfunction of the engines disabled its power and rendered the ship to being a sitting duck. As the ship was sustaining continued attacks by the two Union vessels, Lieutenant Stevens ordered her abandoned and had the crew scuttle the ship.

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L. Hunley (1863-1864)", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center "The Civil War and Charleston", Friends of the Hunley "H. L. Hunley", Historic Naval Ships Association History of the CSS Shenandoah In August of 1863, the steamship SS Sea King slid down the launching dock at Glasgow, Scotland. This ship was designed to be one of the fastest of its day. It would soon gain fame and see the world under a unique captain. The Confederate States in 1863 were still in the midst of their effort to try to gain independence from the United States. As a result they had agents throughout Europe looking to negotiate the building and purchase of ships capable of being made into ocean going commerce raiders. The agents in Scotland had heard of the SS Sea King and had their eyes upon the ship. Through their connections the agents of the Confederate Navy were able to purchase the ship and add it to their fleet of commerce raiders. The SS Sea King was purchased in 1864 by the Confederate Navy and was sent to sea under secrecy with the cover that she was headed for India on a commercial voyage.

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css gradient background 1. Design a good logo - Make sure that the logo you have designed for your small business website must be unique and attractive. The logo represents your brand and acts as a symbol for what people are going to remember you further. Generally, it is located in the top of your website, so it is the first thing what visitors look on your website. A logo can describe the entire story of the business, so in this respect, it becomes one of the most important part of your business website. 2. XHTML - HTML with a few more rules. Learn this after you've mastered HTML, there is no need to learn HTML & XHTML at the same time, unless of course you want to. It will become the standard way of doing things, but essentially it consists of some extra rules when properly creating your website 3. CSS -Also a basic foundation you'll need to learn in order to succeed as a web designer. Through learning HTML, you should understand tables and how to configure them, from this point CSS is the next language and design instrument you need to be proficient in.