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css style sheets Consult other articles and writings about what practices are effective, what to learn, and how to use your time efficiently. The Internet is your tool for knowledge use it. Sources Personal Experience www. lynda. com http //www. sitepoint.

S. Admiral David Farragut ordered the ships of his Mississippi River Squadron to brave the guns of Vicksburg on the night of July 22 and to bombard the Arkansas in its berth at Vicksburg. Fortunately, the Arkansas was not damaged by much of the attack. However, its engines continued to prove to be faulty and suffered minor damage due to the concussive force of the explosive shells used by the Union Navy in its attack. In spite of the ship's faulty engines, the C. S.

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You simply have to get used to thinking and working on one style sheet and using that for your site or you can even use several for parts of your site that are similar.

For armament, a 90 pound black powder spar torpedo was fitted to the front of the ship. The ship was tested in the waters of Mobile Bay in Alabama. In the process of the testing, the ship sank twice. The first was at her moorings when it was swamped by a rogue wave and sank killing 5 of the ship's crewmen. The second time was on October 15, 1863, during diving trials. In the second sinking the ship's chief designer, Horace L. Hunley died. In spite of sinking twice, the ship was raised and refitted. This was due to the dire need of the Confederate States to break the strangling blockade that the US Navy had off of its coast. The third set of tests for the ship proved to be successful. This brought the ship to the notice of Charleston's commander, General P.

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Changing just the style sheets means less hassles and work for website wide corrections or improvements and updates so you can quickly alter one thing across a website with the fewest steps possible. The book helps with other common website features like photo galleries and blogs on a site so you can have a modern and impressive design with the features you want. I do like Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4 as a general reference and step by step tutorial book as much of what is here applies to any website design you can create in Dreamweaver. My main lack in the book is it does not have quite as many illustrations and pictures as I would like but they do explain things well and help you a lot with all that code. CSS is mainly code and to design and work with a site with code is going to take some patience and work but with this book you can get a good understanding of using CSS in Dreamweaver CS4. I highly recommend Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4 as a great book for understanding Cascading Style Sheets and using them in your website design work. Building a Basic CSS Menu This tutorial will show you how to set up a CSS menu on your website. It will attempt to explain everything involved in the process, including things you probably know. It's going to be straightforward and as jargon-less as possible. For starters we should set up the links which we will use in the navigation. For simplicity's sake, let's use "Home" "About Us" and "Contact" for our links.

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css showing Chrys CSS Description Types An external CSS is one that is written outside of the HTML document. This is the best was to use CSS because you can apply the same styles to many pages. This is a big advantage when you are trying to create a uniform design throughout your site. You can also create other CSS for browsers that might show the color differently. The CSS documents are written on a separate sheet. For each tag that is in your HTML document you can add a rule in CSS for it. With over 100 different properties you can add style to your web page that could not be added before. You can change the background of your tag and it will go the entire length of the page. If you do not want the background color to span the entire page then you can add margins to it. The only down side to having external cascading style sheets is you have another file that must be uploaded to your web site. When you use embedded CSS you are creating rules in the tag of the HTML document after the tags.