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css blink Don't open internal links in a new window. It is annoying to have several windows open and no way to navigate back. Don't type more than a few words in all capitals. They lose their effectiveness if over done. Don't distract your visitors with blinking or scrolling text. You know how annoying some of those blinking ads are on the internet - why use them? Do make sure to include a menu on all pages.

The SS Sea King was purchased in 1864 by the Confederate Navy and was sent to sea under secrecy with the cover that she was headed for India on a commercial voyage.

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Don't just use click here.

Arkansas A Ironclad on Western Waters," Civil War News http //www. civilwarnews. com/reviews/2011br/dec/cssarkansas-smith-b121109. html The Two Options for Free Website Design There are essentially two ways to get Free Website Design and hey getting something for free is great. To elaborate there are most likely two scenarios that are applicable to most situations; 1/One is you are just starting to develop your online presence and have either a limited perception as to what can be achieved on the internet or you only have a small goal as to what you wish to achieve. In this case you likely have little funds that you wish to allocate towards a project and all you need is a cheap website design that will provide you with the necessary parameters.

important in css

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The CSS Florida, in spite of meeting such an ignominious end, did have a stellar career as a Confederate cruiser. She was directly credited with 37 US ships either sunk or captured. In addition to this her crew took two ships that were commissioned as Confederate cruisers, the CSS Tacony and CSS Clarence. These two ships were credited with another 23 US ships sunk or captured. Through these daring and bold actions, the officers and crew of the CSS Florida ensured a place for themselves and their ship in the annals of naval warfare history. Sources "CSS Florida", Civil War Wiki "USS Cumberland and CSS Florida", Naval Heritage and History Command - Underwater Archeology Branch "CSS Florida", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS H. L. Hunley The American Civil War saw innovation in naval warfare like no other war before it. In the face of an ever tightening blockade and loss of ports due to advances by the Union Army, the Confederate States were forced to be innovative in their efforts to break the blockade. One of the most effective an innovative efforts that the Confederate Navy developed was that of submarines. The most famous of the Confederate submarines is the CSS H.

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css scrollbar Conclusion Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned a little bit about website design its pros and its cons. I don't expect readers to suddenly ditch their work on the Internet, but simply to explore. Consult other articles and writings about what practices are effective, what to learn, and how to use your time efficiently. The Internet is your tool for knowledge use it. Sources Personal Experience www. lynda.