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facebook css Fourth, as you may know, making your own website and writing new articles to generate a fan base can be profitable. But do you really want to stick to a banal template, or pay a website designer for each website you want to create? Learning website design will make you independent and have the freedom to test out website layouts as you go. And finally, knowing a branch of computer programming will make you a more attractive potential worker for employers because of your versatility while you may be a consummate economist, for example, you also know how to design your own programs and not use the time of other employees. It Sounds Good, but What's the Catch? Learning how to design websites is no walk in the park. There are several programming languages that make up the entirety of computer science, and additionally, there are several powerful applications, such as Adobe PhotoShop, that are required to become a master of website design. After several weeks of practice and more practice, you will finally be able to design a website (and the more times you repeat this process, the more attractive and functional it will become). People often write articles because it is easy to do-it is unspecialized labor; thus, writing articles often does not generate much income. Designing websites can be heavily time-intensive, but as specialized labor, the payoff is far greater. Take your pick. From experience, I can tell you that I've written articles, I've blogged, and I've learned website design, and the latter has been the most rewarding and enriching experience by far. "Several Weeks of Practice?" How Many is Several? How long it will take to learn how to design websites depends on what functionality you want to give your websites.

Website name /Domain name If your website name is the same as the domain name, make sure you choose a good name that is easier for visitors to remember.

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Computer Screen Resolution The pixel is the smallest dot that can be displayed on a computer screen.

Here are some of the best 7advantages of a good SEO website design *Enable you to create perfect page titles and headings - If you want to create a successful website, do a proper keyword search. You must use the exact keywords that your target audiences are likely to type in your pages' header tags. This is also good for search engines. You have to make sure that the keywords are among the first words in the title. *It allows you to use natural language - It is very important for you to understand the concept of keyword density and keyword stuffing. The search engine crawlers have mastered a way of identifying keyword overuse throughout your web pages.

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Use real subject matter. Pages with low content quality will not see regular or repeat traffic and will encourage google and Alexa to rank your site low, which means it will not come up high enough in the search engines to bring any views. Website design tips. Making money Once each page is done, use google adsense and tracking to monetize your site. It takes only a little time and if your site gets good traffic, (which is the goal, right?) then you'll make money from the ad revenue. Add a blog and update it twice a week. People love to read what others are complaining or talking about. Write a great blog and then post it to Digg and other sites for more traffic. Once your blog is 30 days old and you have 10 posts, apply to get paid for blogging. www. paid-to-write.

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css comment This is a situation where everybody wins as the blog owner gets recognised for their fascinating writing, the reader also finds applicable products they are interested in and the advertiser gets pre qualified customers who are interested in their products. This is not a website design plan that most bloggers start out with and it is a personal choice that some of us do not actually want to adulterate our content with annoying advertising. Take the case of Tony and Kate who had a world trip and put up a web log of their travels and adventures that are really interesting yet they have no desire to place ads on their site. Then there is the case of the man who was getting married and put up a blog of the planning with all the trials and tribulations that evolved. He ended up with a huge following and had no idea that he could profit financially from the dialogue until after he was married. Luckily he kept posting with a small portion of advertising and ended up with enough money to pay for the wedding In part two, I will focus on ways to monetise your blog with a level of moderation that will not offend your readers yet be appealing to them to provide you with an income.