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css id You can, for example, totally revamp the design and appearance of your cursor. You simply have to insert particular CSS code into your HTML field. If the code is properly inserted, the cursor will be modified based on the conditions defined in the code. This tutorial will present examples of the different types or styles of cursors, along with code an instructions on how to customize your own cursor. Here are examples of the codes for creating a number of different cursor effects Default cursor default Crosshair cursor crosshair Hand cursor hand Pointer cursor pointer Move cursor move Text cursor text Help cursor help Wait cursor wait Resize north cursor n-resize Resize northeast cursor ne-resize Resize east cursor e-resize Resize southeast cursor se-resize Resize south cursor s-resize Resize southwest cursor sw-resize Resize west cursor w-resize Resize northwest cursor nw-resize Not allowed cursor not allowed All-scroll cursor all-scroll Using CSS to define your cursor style Image 1 *In order to change cursor style when it hovers over links, use the following code Replace value with the desired cursor effect. Image 2 *In order to change cursor style for the entire page, use the following code Replace value with the desired effect. Image 3 *In order to change the cursor style for certain areas of the page, use the following code Replace value with the desired effect. The mentioned examples provide the fundamentals of Cascade Style Sheets. Creating cursors is just one capability of CSS. In addition to this, Cascading Style Sheets allows users to store information that is used to define font, color, and layouts into one file, instead of having to create an HTML code for every instance it is needed. You can control the format of many documents with a single style sheet.

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Upon arrival in the Bahamas, the SS Oreto was quickly purchased by agents of the Confederate Navy and was outfitted with weapons and an able crew. The ship was renamed the CSS Florida. It would be the first of several Confederate commerce raiders that would come to wreak havoc on the merchant fleet of the United States over the next several years. Under the guidance of the Confederate Navy's agents in Nassau, the ship was armed with six 6-inch rifles on the port and starboard sides, two 7-inch rifles mounted on fore and aft swivel mounts, and a 12 pound cannon that could be used as a bow or stern chaser gun. The crew was to be 146 officers and men. However, the CSS Florida didn't get its career off to a quick start.

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css border top But to make your ecommerce web design popular and more successful there are certain "must have features" that must be included while creating ecommerce websites 1)Reach Internet has dissipated the boundaries of the world and now you can get in touch with anyone around the world irrespective of where you are. This incredible feature makes ecommerce website development a feasible option for business. Because of this reason the size of potential market that you cater increases to manifold. 2)Global Presence Global Presence is one of the main features analogous to a professional website design. Ecommerce allows business owners to do business without any time or distance barriers. One can easily access ecommerce websites at any time (day or night), anywhere and can buy products and services with a single click. Make sure that you create global presence with your ecommerce design so as to get huge amount of visitors. 3)Accessible information When you are selling your products and services to customers, make sure that you provide all the useful and necessary information about your company, products and services, about various schemes, benefits that your customers will get etc. Also ensure that this information should be easily accessible so that they know what they are supposed to know without any hassle. 4)Mode of interaction While doing online business, it is very crucial that you allow your customers to interact with you. So, to make an effective and successful ecommerce website you need to include various interactive features like forums, chat, questionnaires and blog etc.