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website templates css Good players are extremely rich. Act now by sending your kid to a football school. Try the above two examples if you have not already done so. In this last example, there are two CSS rules one for h4 and one for span. The number of rules you can have in your style sheet can be very big; here we have just two. Letter Spacing Sometimes you would want to space out the characters (letters) of a Heading or SPAN element or some other element. You use the "letter-spacing" property. This is followed of-course by a colon, then a length value. In part 4 of these tutorials I said there are three common units the pixel, the percentage and the em. Here, use the em unit (see meaning later). The following example shows the spacing of characters of an H3 element of 0.

Truly, a stand-out tutorial that you shouldn't miss regardless of your design experience level.

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You can also have a space, before and/or after a semicolon. The following code is a simple web page example. Copy the code into a text editor and save it as an HTML file (. htm or . html extension). Open (double click) the file in your browser.

Unfortunately this was not to be the case. In a daring raid, US Navy Lieutenant William Cushing led a force that managed to get close to the CSS Albemarle and lay a torpedo next to the ship. In the night raid, the torpedo was successfully detonated and the CSS Albemarle met her end on the night of October 27, 1864. After the sinking of the ship, the US Navy and US Army were able to fully shut down the operations of the Confederate Navy on the Roanoke River. At the end of the war, the CSS Albemarle was raised and sent to the naval base at Norfolk, VA. There in 1867 the ship was sold for scrap.

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Properties and their values chosen by Browsers If you do not give a padding and/or border and/or margin value, for any element, the browser chooses one for you. The problem is that the value chosen for a particular property and element differs with browsers. That is it, for this part of the series. We continue in the next part. Chrys CSS Text Introduction This is part 7 of my series, Basics of CSS2. In this part of the series, I give you some word processing features that CSS offers. However, it is the web designer to implement the word processing features and not the web page user. We shall talk about Text Indentation, Text Alignment, Text Decoration, Text Letters and Word Spacing, and Text Transformation. Note If you cannot see the code or if you think anything is missing (broken link, image absent), just contact me at forchatrans@yahoo. com. That is, contact me for the slightest problem you have about what you are reading.

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css style button Foreground Color What CSS calls the Foreground color is the color of text in an HTML element. In my opinion the name is not very appropriate. However, accept that an HTML element can have a background color and a foreground color. The foreground color is the color of the text in the element. The property name for foreground color is simply, color. The value is either the name of the color or the corresponding color code. If you want a foreground color of blue, for a DIV element, you will type div color blue or div color 0000FF The first rule above has the name of the color and the second rule has the corresponding color code. You should have a look at the list of colors that I wrote. To see the web page, just type, XHTML Colors, with my name, Chrys in the Search box of this page and click Search. If you have the Google Search box on this page, use it. We have got the basics of CSS background and colors.