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text indent css To apply a border, right click on an image and hover over CSS Styles and click "Border" or whatever you named it. The style will then be applied to the image. How to Create Custom Tooltips with Just HTML and CSS If you mouseover a link on a website, you'll likely see a simple yellow tooltip. This comes from the < title > attribute of the < a > tag. These are wonderful for adding some extra information to links - such as the title of the target page, a brief description, etc. However, they can't be styled at all. You're stuck with that bland yellow, and you can't control the width, padding, or font of the tooltip. Enter some CSS magic. We can use a few nifty CSS attributes to create our own tooltips - completely customizable down to the size, font, color, and location. Quick CSS Overview In order to create this tooltip, we need to know about a few CSS attributes. First the "Display" attribute.

Navigation should be simple enough so that the visitor gets everything in front of the eyes. One should not be looking for the menus all around the website. 7. Standard CSS, tags, and a clean code structure and a fiter search options are mandatory. 8. A secured check out process, with the option of multiple payment gateways, a dynamic product catalogue at the administrative end with no hidden charges are the important elements that top the list.

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This technology works with new browsers and not old browsers.

When you start any website design using css, the first step is to create the structure of the layout and the basic lists that will make up your navigation. If you are a CSS guru, then creating these CSS layouts and lists can be a fairly simple task. But, if you are a new or intermediate CSS developer, or, you create website templates and unique websites consistently, wouldn't it be nice to have your initial layout and lists automatically created using proper CSS design? That way, you can move on to more fun aspects of constructing your website. There are many resources available online to assist you in creating semantically correct CSS code, CSS layout and CSS lists. I have found these three sites, that offer automatically generated CSS code for these structures within your website. As a web design professional, and an expert in CSS (oh, yea, I'm super neat) I still find these websites PRICELESS, and use them often when beginning any web design.

internal css

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Text Decoration Text Decoration deals with underlining of text, over-lining (opposite of underline) of text, drawing a line across text and making a text to blink. To achieve any of these options, you need the "text-decoration" property and any of the following values; each value gives its particular effect none Produces no text decoration; this is the same as in the case where the "text-decoration" property is absent. underline Each line of text in the element (containing element) is underlined overline Each line of text in the element (containing element) has a line above it. line-through Each line of text in the element (containing element) has a line through the middle blink Text in the element (containing element) blinks (alternates between visible and invisible). The following shows an underlining example for a SPAN element "http //www. w3.

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