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css frameworks 1. Website design/Interface This cannot be overemphasized. The simpler the website, the better it is. Look at some of the most famous websites like Google website. It has very simple design. Simple design helps to keep the pages look neat, load fast and do not distract visitors from the intended message. Make sure that your website is simple, smart and professionally looking. As much as possible avoid using different bright colors, different font sizes and styles on a single web page. When using graphics, make sure you use professional designed graphics that are optimized for the web as opposed to using clip arts. It is also a bad habit that may even lead to prosecution to steal graphics from other websites to put on your own. As much as you can, avoid the use of animations or splash pages.

In this way, when the resolution is small, the page content fills the width of the screen.

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The value is either the name of the color or the corresponding color code. If you want a foreground color of blue, for a DIV element, you will type div color blue or div color 0000FF The first rule above has the name of the color and the second rule has the corresponding color code. You should have a look at the list of colors that I wrote. To see the web page, just type, XHTML Colors, with my name, Chrys in the Search box of this page and click Search. If you have the Google Search box on this page, use it. We have got the basics of CSS background and colors.

An HTML page has the BODY element that covers the whole page. The BODY element can have a number of properties and values to give the overall page a special presentation. This is the first part of a series of tutorials on Cascaded Style Sheet 2. In the whole series, there are code samples that you can try. Versions There is CSS1 and there is CSS2 officially. CSS2 does all what CSS1 does and more. Prerequisite In programming, the most important prerequisite is mathematics. If you succeeded in your elementary school mathematics, then that is enough for you to learn CSS (CSS2). However, if you are learning CSS then I believe your aim is to become a web site designer. After learning HTML (XHTML) and CSS the next thing you have to learn is a web page script language, such as JavaScript. To master JavaScript you need middle school mathematics (British O' Level mathematics).

italic css

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' Now comes the turn of preparing master style sheet. This style sheet makes your design to clear out the default browser settings and enables to avoid problems during cross browser design. ' After setting up content and basic HTML design, CSS styles can be incorporated. While making a CSS web design, this is necessary to go through every little detail, otherwise the CSS process can get complicated later on. ' The greater effort should be put in choosing the simplest design options and it's better to use simple tags and id selectors, instead of using complex selectors. ' Avoid adding extra div tags to the CSS web design. Try to make any changes to the basic HTML, only if these are inevitably necessary. ' CSS gives the advantage of using or creating a library of styles, which includes every element from centre, float left, underline and no underline. CSS also allows the benefit of creating a standard style sheet using float right, which can be directly loaded on all web pages. Even if the above mentioned process is not absolutely perfect, but still this can prove to be helpful while you prepare a CSS web design. In Miracle Studios Web Design Company, the designers follow this process and our clients' satisfaction and their feedback encourages us that we are on the right path.

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external css Six Revisions Dark and Sleek PSD to HTML Tutorial One of the most thorough tutorials I've ever seen on any topic, there are actually two sections to this tutorial. First, design the PSD in Photoshop here http //sixrevisions. com/tutorials/photoshop-tutorials/create-a-dark-and-sleek-web-layout-using-photoshop/. Then, move on to Dreamweaver and turn your PSD into HTML here http //sixrevisions. com/tutorials/web-development-tutorials/how-to-code-a-dark-and-sleek-web-design/. Overall, this is one amazing tutorial. Not only is it PERFECT for the EASY user, but even DIFFICULT users will find a ton of useful hints, tips and tricks in both the Photoshop and the Dreamweaver sections of this two-part tutorial. The tutorial design is clean, sleek, utilizes gradients as well as transparencies and inner drop shadows - clear basics but presented in a perfect way. If this is your very first website, I highly recommend this tutorial set. Learning your way through creating PSD layouts to the eventual conversion to HTML and CSS, you will gain a toolset to begin with that seriously set you apart from other 'beginners'. Line 25 How to Code up a Web Design from PSD to HTML Very simply, this tutorial is what it says it is.