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css display block Click Edit on one of your pages. I will use my Home Page code to give you an example of what I'm talking about while explaining this. Once you have click on Edit and the page loads, click on the little HTML icon in the window where you type your content. Take a look at my homepage to get an idea of what I'm talking about. On my home page I have four main styles. I have headers, titles, links, and content. My first bit of code looks like this Reality TV News Kevin Convais is voted off American Idol Kevin Convais stood in the bottom three along with Bucky Covington and Lisa Tucker. Unfortunately Kevin Convais was the one to leave on 3-22-06. Latest Reality TV Recaps Unan1mous 3-22-06 American Idol 3-22-06 Nasville Star 3-21-06 American Idol 3-21-06 Looking at my code you will see that I have three classes; hpheaders, hptitle, and boxtext. If you are familiar with CSS you know that the link class does not show and that's why I don't have four classes to go with my four main styles. To use the style that you created in WordPress, decide where you want to place that style in the code.

CSS Margin 9. CSS Padding 10. CSS Border 11. Good CSS Design 12. Resources How To Get To These Tutorials Get online, open up your web browser, type in www. davesite.

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So, if you give the dimensions (widths) of your elements in pixels, the elements will appear relatively smaller in higher resolutions than in smaller resolutions.

(normal) Decoration - Choose if you want underline, overline, etc. (none) Color - Choose the color of your font. (Black) (See Image 2) Category - Background Background Image - Click Browse to locate the button on your hard drive that you want to use. This will be the button that is displayed on your page, not the rollover button. Repeat - Choose No Repeat (See Image 3) Category - Block Display - Select "Block" (See Image 4) Category - Box Width - In the width field you need to type in how long your button is. (152) Height - In the height field you need to type in how tall your button is. (27) (See Image 5) You don't need to mess with any of the other categories. Once you are finished with the steps above, click OK. Step 5 - Highlight over your text you typed on the document, type a link in the link field in your properties window. Step 6 - With the text still highlighted, click the drop down box beside Styles in your properties window and choose Rollover Button. Now you should see your button.

learn css online

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The second presentational feature is color (foreground color) and its actual presentational feature is red. Now the characteristic (name of presentational feature) is called a Property of the style, and the actual characteristic is called the Value of the property. So, we talk about two values in an HTML tag an attribute value as a whole and the value of a property in the style attribute. From now henceforth we shall be using the word, property, when we mean the name of the presentational feature and the phrase "property value" (or its variation or simply, value) when we mean the actual presentational feature. A property and its value (property value) are called a property/value pair. Each property must be separated from its value by a colon. In the example above, background-color is a property and its value is blue; these two are separated by a colon. The value of the HTML style attribute is therefore made up of one or more property/value pairs. If there is more than one property/value pair then these pairs must be separated from one another, by a semi colon. After the last pair, you do not need a semicolon. If there is only one property/value pair as the style attribute, then you do not need a semicolon after the pair.

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css html Built at Edwards Ferry, North Carolina, in a cornfield that bordered the Roanoke River, it took the Confederate Navy about nine months to construct the ship. The ship measured a total of 152 feet long with a draft of 9 feet. This was shallow enough to allow the ship to operate in the coastal waters of North Carolina and gave the Confederate Navy a hope of reopening the ports in North Carolina that the Union had taken. Just to demonstrate the power of the CSS Albemarle, the ship was ordered to assist in the Confederate Army's attack on Plymouth, North Carolina. In the course of three days from the 17th of April to the 20th of April, the Confederate Navy in conjunction with the operations of the Confederate Army cleared out the port of Plymouth, North Carolina, and cleared the Roanoke River of any Union forces. This led the Confederates to think that they had finally found a savior that could break through the Union blockade that was strangling the supply lines of the Confederate States. Unfortunately this was not to be the case. In a daring raid, US Navy Lieutenant William Cushing led a force that managed to get close to the CSS Albemarle and lay a torpedo next to the ship. In the night raid, the torpedo was successfully detonated and the CSS Albemarle met her end on the night of October 27, 1864. After the sinking of the ship, the US Navy and US Army were able to fully shut down the operations of the Confederate Navy on the Roanoke River. At the end of the war, the CSS Albemarle was raised and sent to the naval base at Norfolk, VA.