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clear both css This is just the basic stuff you can do with CSS. Play around with the other options under categories to change your text up a bit. You can add background, lines, and more to your text. How You Can Pick the Right Website Design Company? How long has it been since you last thought of redesigning your website? Or how old is your running website? These days consumers' preferences are changing more frequently than their mood swings. Everyday you will notice a new design and a new way of presentation, with much better usability, smooth navigation, color pattern and visitor's engagement factor in it. The website designs now, are far more advanced and logical than they were earlier. Initially, where it was exclusively about presentation style, comprising of designs and color patterns, have now become more 'call-to-action' oriented. Designing a website has become more of a science than what it used to be of an art. Now designers think about placement of images, use of colors & text, internal linking, more judicially than ever. Marketing principles like AIDA are being included while designing a corporate website. And, if it is a product oriented website then, it becomes critical to place every object right at its place because even a whisker of wrong placement of objects can push the buyer to abandon its shopping cart.

gif"); background-repeat repeat-x The added property is, background-repeat and the value is, repeat-x. The first property/pair has to be there, to download the image. If the image were small, then you would have one long horizontal stripe background image of the repeated small image at the top of the HTML element. repeat-y You may have a small image and you want it to repeat itself in the background vertically from top to bottom. You need this for that body background-image url("myImage. gif"); background-repeat repeat-y The added property is, background-repeat and the value is, repeat-y.

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com Website Design Guide; The Seven C's Part 1 A simple online business model to follow for new online websites is the 7 C's model.

There are other shorthand properties like this, as we shall see. Background Color If want a background color, you need the property, background-color and the color name or color code as value. I wrote an article called XHTML Colors. There I gave names of colors and their corresponding code. The kind of code I gave is called Hexadecimal Code. To have a background color for the BODY element with a bisque color, you will either type body background-color bisque or body background-color FFE4C4 In the first case the name of the color is used; in the second case, the corresponding hexadecimal code for the color is used. Both give the same color, bisque. The hexadecimal code begins with a hash ( ) followed by six characters (in some cases three characters). Each color name has its own hexadecimal code. Foreground Color What CSS calls the Foreground color is the color of text in an HTML element. In my opinion the name is not very appropriate.

span class css

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Note if you use the bottom and right properties below, then you would not have to use the top and left properties. position This property takes the value, "absolute" meaning you want absolute positioning top This value is a number in px or percentage. Other units can be used. This is a vertical distance from the top edge of the containing element, to the top content edge of the element being placed. left This value is a number in px or percentage. Other units can be used. This is a vertical distance from the bottom edge of the client, to the bottom content edge of the element being placed. z-index This is the z-index position of the element (layer). The value is a whole number (integer). When the z-index is absent, a value of 2 may be assumed. The auto value The top, left, bottom and right properties can take the value "auto".

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css direction Of course the suggestion here is not to get rid of all the images and replace everything with a text to make your site look utterly boring but you can use creative web fonts for creating text that is styled in your way. 2. Optimise your site for speed According to a leading London web Design Company, ensuring that site loads quickly regardless of who is opening is utterly important. Potential clients can come from anywhere and if your site can't load on time, they'll make use of it by skipping to your competitor's website. 3. Use colours to enhance the look Different cultures connect with colours differently. So if you are making your site global, study the effects of colours carefully. For example, you may like to use 'red' to symbolise the festivity that your product brings to family but people may associate it with 'danger'. Similarly 'green' can be seen as a sign of greed rather than 'environmental awareness'. 4. Keep space for growth in text As your business will evolve, so will your text.