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css program Upon hearing from prisoners, taken as a result of the US ship's sinking, that the US invasion fleet was not going to be attacking Galveston, the decision was made to return to Brazil. In late January and early February of 1863, deciding that the US Navy would begin major efforts to stop the Confederate raider's operations, Captain Semmes decided to take the ship to another area of operations. The next leg of the CSS Alabama's career would take it to the shores of South Africa and the East Indies. For the next six months, the Confederate raider would seek ships in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans and again would meet success. During this time the ship would sink or capture an additional 7 US ships that it came across. Following this success, the officers of the CSS Alabama again decided to change her operational area. In early 1864 the decision was made that the ship would head for Cherbourg, France, to make needed repairs and to again raid the European commerce of the United States. This would directly lead the CSS Alabama to her second action with another warship. As the Confederate raider cruised towards Cherbourg, however she would still be successful in sinking or capturing more US ships. Arriving in Cherbourg, France, in June of 1864, the officers of the CSS Alabama sought permission from the French authorities to make the much needed repairs to their ship. The US Navy though was a step ahead of the Confederate Navy this time and had one of their toughest ships stationed near Cherbourg to stop the CSS Alabama.

If you want your visitor to stay - and come back - your site must feel inviting and let your visitor know, "I'm an authority you can trust. " Applying color to your website. Use the following principals to guide you as you compose your site's color scheme 1. Color affects mood. Ever notice how your mood changes when you put on vibrant, cheerful-colored clothing? The same rule applies to your website. Avoid dark, somber colors such as a black background.

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org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict. dtd"> a cursor text I am selectable wait This value is used to indicate that the HTML element is busy running some script (JavaScript) and the user should wait until the completion of the script code. It is often rendered as a watch or hourglass. Try the following code p width 30%; cursor wait This is a paragraph. This is a paragraph. This is a paragraph.

. Why this way is recommended though? Let's assume you want to change the color of all headers on a website that contain 10 html pages, all these pages link to one external CSS file that responsible for styling these pages. Because you used an external stylesheet you do not have to go into each html page, instead you'll change one line in a single file (. css file) in single trip. Imagine the pain if you need to go in and change all 10 pages one by one to change a small thing like this. Inline Style. These is a way of a styling a portion of your page that you do not want the main CSS to handle. Inline style overrides styling done by the main stylesheet on your website. Here's an example < p style="color ff0f0f;" > text < /p > Syntax The syntax for Cascading Style Sheet in straight forward consisting of 3 blocks Selector Property Value; Selector is the (x)HTML tag/element you want to apply style to. Property is the styles property name or type that you want to add to this element.

span css

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Now, the property name for background color is background-color. The property name for foreground color is simply, color. The H1 element has no background color. It has only the foreground color, which is yellow. So the background of the H1 element is the same background that the BODY element has, with color black. The Paragraph element has both a background color and a foreground color; blue and red respectively. Transparency Elements such as the H1 or P elements in the BODY element are considered to be in front of the BODY element at the browser. Any viewable element has a background. By default this background is transparent. That is why, the user can see through the H1 element above to see the background of the BODY element (black color). Spellings in the Style Attribute The spelling of the property or property value must be what is official.

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css external Chrys Custom Web Design Benefits of Custom Website Designing Life is a race and if you don't run fast you will certainly lag behind! The same rule applies to the online businesses also. It is advisable to you to not to get into this rat race. Shocked? The reason behind this advice is that most of the businesses tend to make their website a real horror in order to make it unique. Now being unique should not be misunderstood with being weird. Its true that internet today has got a global approach and the users who will visit your site can be from different part of the world with different perceptions. So what can help you to make your website look different from others and a perfect one for your visitors? "Custom Web Design", yes, this is something which if, utilized properly can serve your both the needs without making you troubled.