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css reference S. S. Arkansas. Over that winter of 1861-1862, John Shirley and his crew worked tirelessly to build the C. S. S.

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- You can use Absolute Positioning with Script to produce animation.

They can also be annoying if there are too many of them. Photos and Graphics Photos and graphics bring interest to webpages, breaking up blocks of text and adding visual definition that words may not be able to convey. If the site talks about plants or bugs, for example, a photo is the best way to show these things. Using slow movement in graphics also breaks the monotony without the irritation of blinking animation. Photos as background to text can be fun, too. Just be sure the background colors don't obscure the text. There's nothing more annoying than trying to read black print on top of a black-and-white photo. Movies and Music If the client is a rock star, film producer, or instructor of hands-on activities, of course a designer can and should use movie clips, music feeds, and YouTube videos. These demonstrate the product. And remember, that's the reason why the website exists. Sometimes, music or flashy graphics can drive a user crazy.

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The CSS Shenandoah set course to attack San Francisco, California but on the way received news from an English sailing vessel that the Confederate Government had been forced to surrender thus ending the American Civil War. Rather than face the possibilities of receiving ruthless treatment at the hands of US authorities the officers and crew of the ship decided to head for Liverpool, England, by way of South America. The ship stored its armaments and was repainted to look like a standard merchant ship of the era. Leaving the North Pacific in August of 1865, the ship arrived in Liverpool in early November of 1865. The ship then surrendered to British authorities who took ownership of the ship. The ship in her short one year career managed to take 38 prizes and traveled over 58,000 miles. Also it gained the recognition of being the only Confederate ship to circumnavigate the globe. In 1866 it was sold to the Sultan of Zanzibar and was renamed the El Majidi. The ship finally met its end in 1879 and was reported as lost at sea with all hands. Sources "CSS Shenandoah", Civil War Wiki "When Liverpool was Dixie", CSA Dixie "CSS Shenandoah (1864-1865)", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center History of the CSS Sumter In the spring of 1861, as the battles began raging in the American Civil War, a dashing naval officer took command of a swift cruiser that would give him the necessary training for later exploits that would carve forever his and his country's name in the annals of naval warfare. The dashing naval officer was Commander Rafael Semmes.

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free css template Like a title for instance. You may want to apply a different style to a certain title or header but you don't have the style that you want. This is often very useful when creating Static pages in WordPress. To create your own style and use it follow the steps below. Creating Your Own CSS Style Login in to your WordPress Admin Panel. Then click on Presentation > Theme Editor. When the Theme Editor page loads, look for the style. css sheet on that page. Usually when the Theme Editor page loads it is already on the CSS Styles page. When the CSS style page loads scroll down to the end of the page. This is where you will add your new CSS Style.