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online css course CSS Padding 10. CSS Border 11. Good CSS Design 12. Resources How To Get To These Tutorials Get online, open up your web browser, type in www. davesite. com in the address bar, hit enter, and wait for the site to load.

Hunley directly led to the development of famous submarines like the German U-Boats of World War 1 and World War 2. Sources "Submarine H. L. Hunley (1863-1864)", Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center "The Civil War and Charleston", Friends of the Hunley "H. L. Hunley", Historic Naval Ships Association History of the CSS Shenandoah In August of 1863, the steamship SS Sea King slid down the launching dock at Glasgow, Scotland.

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1 Use your rectangle marquee tool to create breaks in your navigation block - select an area and hit the backspace key on your keyboard to erase it. Move the marquee over and erase the next space. (See Illustration 06). 2 Now we're going to carry the idea of metal rivets through our navigation. To do this, select one of your metal rivet layers and right-click. Choose "Duplicate Layer". Then, move the rivet into the upper left corner of one of your navigation buttons. Repeat this for each button. 3 Use the same font you used in your header for text on the navigation buttons. I chose a dark color to make it stand out. (See Illustration 07).

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xml css Arkansas put up a brave and valiant fight in assisting the Confederate advance on Baton Rouge. The ship was winning the battle at first, but then it's engines were hit and steam entered all of the ship's compartments. This combined with a severe mechanical malfunction of the engines disabled its power and rendered the ship to being a sitting duck. As the ship was sustaining continued attacks by the two Union vessels, Lieutenant Stevens ordered her abandoned and had the crew scuttle the ship. In the end, it floated downriver and exploded and sank near Free Negro Point. Although the active fighting career of the C.