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css font bold Negative values that will take the element behind, are allowed. Some Application of Absolute Positioning Absolute positioning goes with layering. - Assume that a user is reading a web page, he might want to see something quickly without downloading another page and then return to what he was reading or doing on the page. You can use Absolute Positioning and Script (JavaScript) to do this. - You can use Absolute Positioning with Script to produce animation. The script will be changing the layers as a result of some events or timing intervals.

Especially if you're designing for yourself, for fun and are very familiar with the process.

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url If youts.html">you do not like any of the above cursors (shapes) you can design your own; and save your cursor in the server.

0 Profile with CSS Before anyone can edit their page, first of course, they need to be logged in to their myspace account. How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile Customize Profile Link After logging in, from the home page, drag the mouse cursor over the profile tab. It should be the third tab in the row that lists home, mail, profile, friends, music, video, more. When the cursor is over the tab, a list should drop down. The third option on that menu list should read "Customize Profile". Simply click on the customize profile link to be taken to the 2. 0 customize control panel. How To Customize Your Myspace 2. 0 Profile View Control Panel At this point, your current myspace page with the customize control panel above it should be viewable. The control panel should have three sections visible.

table width css

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These sites still feature the most coveted CMS website applications including Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. In particular, WordPress gives SEO advantages by default. With Joomla, you have to get an expert to customize these SEO advantages for you. *Looks Professional - If you did not know it, the design you choose for your website determines its professional looks. The e-business sites need to have lovely and functional designs so that they can attract customers. *Content optimization - A SEO design for a website or blog should allow for easier content optimization. It is important to use the correct keywords to create a website's relevant content. Relevant and fresh content, which is not keyword stuffed is good for search engines and readers. Small Business Website Design Tips At present, internet can be considered as the busiest place where billions of websites are competing for their online presence in order to represent their business across the world. In this highly cut throat competition, small business websites would have to find their way to earn the popularity among big corporate websites and popular business websites. The only way for small business web design to sustain and progress in this extremely heavy competition is to have an extraordinary and stupendous custom web design that includes all the required aspects.

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css for tables The CSS Virgina When Virginia seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy, it seized the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Although the shipyard had been ordered to destroy all of the ships to prevent them from falling into Confederate hands, a steam frigate called the USS Merrimack had been sunk before being allowed to fully burn. This meant that the Confederates were able to raise it and use the engine and hull to make an ironclad steamer. They renamed this new ship the CSS Virginia. Ironclads were a very new invention and their successful use in the Civil War could have disrupted the Union blockade of Southern ports. Because the ship was covered in four inches of iron on all sides, it was virtually impervious to the cannon balls fired by the Union ships. On the other hand, the Virginia posed a serious threat to wooden Union ships and could either ram them or shoot them with its deck mounted guns. Fearing that the Confederates would break the blockade with this ironclad, Congress authorized the construction of three of their own ironclads. One of the ships produced in this effort was the USS Monitor. On March 8th, 1862, the Virginia sailed out of the mouth of the James River and directly attacked five union warships. It sunk the USS Congress and the USS Cumberland and killed over 240 of their crew.