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css editor mac This behemoth of a ship was built under the guidance of naval architect, Gilbert Elliot, and the commander of the ship, Commander J. W. Cooke. Built at Edwards Ferry, North Carolina, in a cornfield that bordered the Roanoke River, it took the Confederate Navy about nine months to construct the ship. The ship measured a total of 152 feet long with a draft of 9 feet. This was shallow enough to allow the ship to operate in the coastal waters of North Carolina and gave the Confederate Navy a hope of reopening the ports in North Carolina that the Union had taken. Just to demonstrate the power of the CSS Albemarle, the ship was ordered to assist in the Confederate Army's attack on Plymouth, North Carolina. In the course of three days from the 17th of April to the 20th of April, the Confederate Navy in conjunction with the operations of the Confederate Army cleared out the port of Plymouth, North Carolina, and cleared the Roanoke River of any Union forces. This led the Confederates to think that they had finally found a savior that could break through the Union blockade that was strangling the supply lines of the Confederate States. Unfortunately this was not to be the case. In a daring raid, US Navy Lieutenant William Cushing led a force that managed to get close to the CSS Albemarle and lay a torpedo next to the ship.

It has very simple design. Simple design helps to keep the pages look neat, load fast and do not distract visitors from the intended message. Make sure that your website is simple, smart and professionally looking. As much as possible avoid using different bright colors, different font sizes and styles on a single web page. When using graphics, make sure you use professional designed graphics that are optimized for the web as opposed to using clip arts. It is also a bad habit that may even lead to prosecution to steal graphics from other websites to put on your own.

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This lets your viewers know who you are without having to outright tell them.

Block-Level and Inline-Level HTML Elements A block-level HTML element is an element that has an intrinsic line break element in front and after it. Examples of such elements are the DIV and Paragraph elements. An inline-level HTML element does not have any intrinsic line break element in front and after it. Inline-level elements fit themselves just like text in a line and wraps onto the next line. The height of the highest inline element determines the height of the line in which it belongs. Containing HTML Element A containing HTML element is an element that can contain other (smaller) HTML elements. A containing element can house other containing elements. Block-Level Elements are containing elements. Since a containing element has an intrinsic line break element in front and after it, it always occupies a complete horizontal stripe in its own containing element (e. g. BODY element) from the left edge of its containing element to the right edge of its containing element.

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Following the cruise to Maranhao, Brazil, the CSS Sumter headed for Martinique where she met the USS Iroquois. Again the Union Navy attempted to stop the CSS Sumter but the crew was able to maneuver the ship in such a fashion that the USS Iroquois lost her. The next phase of the career of the CSS Sumter saw her take prizes on the way to Cadiz, Spain. In this phase of the CSS Sumter's career the US Navy attempted to stop her in St. Pierre only to be foiled yet again in their efforts. Finally in January of 1862, she was forced to sail into the port of Gibraltar because she was too damaged to continue voyages without repairs. As a result of the damage and needed repairs, she was sold to the Fraser-Trenholm Company. They would refit her and continue her service to the Confederate cause as a blockade runner under the name of the SS Gibraltar. Under the command of Captain E. C. Reid, the scourge of the US Navy would continue as the CSS Sumter/ SS Gibraltar brought several loads of cannon and other war materials into the port of Wilmington, North Carolina, throughout 1863, and 1864.

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css website templates Check out all three of these resources. And, before you write them off as a waste because you are fully capable of creating the CSS code within your web site. I can say, as a web design professional and a CSS expert (ahem. there I go, tooting my horn again!) that they are useful, even if simply utilized as a time-saving technique. For the CSS newbies out there, this is absolutely the best way to watch your CSS design materialize into an actual example and to experiment with the way that different CSS lists and layouts are used. I hope these tools are useful, as they 100% if used correctly.