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ul li css dtd"> h3 letter-spacing 0. 2em span letter-spacing 0. 1em Section Two In this section, we look at the second problem affecting life in the University. Word Spacing Instead of separating characters, you can separate words. You use the "word-spacing" property followed of-course by a colon, then a length value measured in em. You can still use some other unit, but em would do. Nothing stops you from combing letter and word spacing. When you separate the characters of words in a phrase, you would have to separate the words, so that the separation between characters should not be the same as the separation between words. The following example illustrates this for the phrase in an H3 element (try the code). "http //www. w3.

sw-resize This value indicates that the south-west corner of the rectangle is to be moved.

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Choose a simple design. How many sites have you been on that have so much writing, your eyes don't know where to start? Kiss. Keep it simple. Make a copy, a backup of your site and burn it to a disk so you will have an offline copy in case something happens to your computer or website host.

In its efforts to effectively carry out this task, the Confederate Navy relied on ingenuity, guile, innovation, and sheer determination. Putting its best men on the job, the Confederate Navy managed for a short while to stop the Union dead in its tracks on the Mississippi River. On August 24, 1861, the Confederate Navy agents in Memphis, Tennessee approached the shipbuilding firm of Mr. John T. Shirley and tasked Mr. Shirley's company to deliver to it an ironclad ship that would effectively defend the Mississippi River against any Federal aggression that may arise. Mr. Shirley was beset by problems with the construction of the ship from the very beginning. One major problem he faced was that the Confederate States was having to deal with a major shortage of iron plating and reliable marine engines. This factor would make the job of building the ironclad the C. S.

w3c css validator

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this is the tutorial for you. Done in two parts, beginning with the PSD creation of a truly stunning watercolor portfolio layout in Photoshop to the turning of that PSD into HTML or CSS, this tutorial stands out both for beauty and for quality. I can't really rate the difficulty of this tutorial. The concepts and techniques used in Photoshop are more complex than you'd expect for a beginner tutorial, but they're explained clearly enough to be in one. The Dreamweaver section is just as clear with full codes and explanations of what each line of code does and why it's important. Truly, a stand-out tutorial that you shouldn't miss regardless of your design experience level. Net Tuts+ Slice and Dice that PSD For those of us that really get the most out of being able to see, hear, and do in order to learn most successfully, this two-part series of video tutorials are what you need to see. Both are available on the same page at http //net. tutsplus. com/articles/news/slice-and-dice-that-psd/. What really sets this set of tutorials apart from the rest is its visual nature - most of the same tips, tricks, and strategies are used as they are throughout different methods in the previous tutorials but actually being able to see the work as it's happening is the kicker.

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css school The Google site didn't look like it was trying to sell anything (and it wasn't, at that point). The design quickly earned many fans. (Vise, 39-40) Here are a few things we can learn from Google's website success 1. Focus your home page on what you most want your visitor to do--or what they most want to do. In Google's case, this is searching. The search box is right in the middle of the page and is the longest element on there. As Joe at www. bookofjoe. com says in his blog, it makes things "as transparent and easy to understand and use as possible. So simple even a 'technodolt' can do it the first time without reading any instructions. There can be no higher accolade for any company engaged in creating something that has to do with computers.