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forms css The port that was selected was that of Mobile, Alabama. In a hail of shells, shot, and rockets, the CSS Florida ran full steam into the harbor of Mobile in the fall of 1862. The move was especially daring considering that most of the crew was barely recovering from the yellow fever disease. When the men and officers arrived in Mobile, after braving the blockade, they were received as heroes. While in Mobile, the ship was fully equipped and received her full crew. On January 16, 1863 with the ship fully prepared, the CSS Florida ran the gauntlet of the United States Navy's blockade and exited the harbor of Mobile.

Arkansas and her sister ship the C.

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Just to demonstrate the power of the CSS Albemarle, the ship was ordered to assist in the Confederate Army's attack on Plymouth, North Carolina. In the course of three days from the 17th of April to the 20th of April, the Confederate Navy in conjunction with the operations of the Confederate Army cleared out the port of Plymouth, North Carolina, and cleared the Roanoke River of any Union forces. This led the Confederates to think that they had finally found a savior that could break through the Union blockade that was strangling the supply lines of the Confederate States. Unfortunately this was not to be the case. In a daring raid, US Navy Lieutenant William Cushing led a force that managed to get close to the CSS Albemarle and lay a torpedo next to the ship. In the night raid, the torpedo was successfully detonated and the CSS Albemarle met her end on the night of October 27, 1864. After the sinking of the ship, the US Navy and US Army were able to fully shut down the operations of the Confederate Navy on the Roanoke River. At the end of the war, the CSS Albemarle was raised and sent to the naval base at Norfolk, VA. There in 1867 the ship was sold for scrap. Today there has been built a replica of the CSS Albemarle. The replica is manned by Civil War naval reenactors.

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