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html templates css Don't forget to place your ; after each line *Don't forget your . before the title of your new style. This may sound crazy to some, but I have spent numerous hours in WordPress frustrated because it wouldn't work only to realize that I forgot a ; at the end or forgot to close a bracket. Many people these days use WordPress as a CMS so creating and using your own styles comes in handy. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email. WordPress can be very difficult at times, so I have no problem answering questions and trying to help.

In addition to editing the text styles, you can edit the text color, background, and anything else you can style with css. 4. ) Let's get rid of those underlines. Well so far we have links that look spiffy but by default they're underlined and we can get rid of those to make it look more a bit more professional. In style. css we're going to build up the id we made.

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For more info, read through this tutorial on how to style e-mail links using this css technique. Create Tooltips Using CSS and No Javascript Tooltips are a great way to tell your user more about something - like a link, an image, or a form element. HTML comes with some built in tooltips, but you can only use these for links. Javascript can also be used to create advanced tooltips, but this requires client-side scripting. Using some advanced CSS, you can create tooltips. This makes use of a few css techniques - display none/display block, positioning, and the a hover element.

wikipedia css

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3. Web Graphics You should use clean, simple, professional looking web graphics. You should use the alternative text attribute where you put images. This helps to show the text as the image is loading or shows the text where the image is non-existent. 4. Navigation You should use navigation that is simple, easily visible and consistent in all the pages. This helps your website visitors to easily navigate through your website from one page to another. 5. Search engine optimization (SEO) You should make sure that your Meta tags are correctly put. Also make sure you put the relevant keywords in the description area. This helps some engines to index your websites.

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css hyperlink Try the following code, which illustrates this "http //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict. dtd"> img position absolute; z-index 2 one one one one one one one one one two two two src="myImage. gif">two two two two two two CSS Properties for Absolute Positioning In this section I give you all the properties for absolute positioning that you would need. Note if you use the bottom and right properties below, then you would not have to use the top and left properties.